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Dynamic Parking Data Map

Downtown Walnut Creek is a great destination for shopping, dining and entertainment with parking in high demand. We use this map to inform parking management decisions for street parking maintained by the City of Walnut Creek. Occupancy data is calculated from paid transactions from meter and mobile payments.  Our goal is to keep one or two parking spaces open on every block. The tools we have to achieve this goal are time limits and parking rates. Parking data informs us if we are reaching that goal and if we should make changes. 

It's our hope that this map will be a useful resource for residents and visitors looking to understand price and availability of parking in Downtown Walnut Creek.

Here's how to use the map: 

  1. Click the drop menu with the calendar icon to explore occupancy on any specific day - there's more than 2 years of occupancy data to explore! 
  2. Click and hold the circle along the sliding timescale to explore how parking occupancies change at different times of day - lunch and dinner are typically the busiest times
  3. By clicking the "Occupancy" drop-down you can navigate to the "Average Occupancy" view, which allows you to explore average occupancies over days, months and years. You can also isolate specific days of the week - say Sunday's, to explore the average Sunday over a set period of time.
  4. You can click each individual line to understand how many meters there are on that block and how those meters are price

This map is maintained by Smarking, Inc. a technology company based in San Francisco that specializes in working with parking data. If you have any additional questions about the map please reach out at


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