Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is established to create and maintain standards and policies to ensure the orderly development of the community consistent with the City’s adopted plans and in accordance with state and federal laws.

The Planning Commission meets at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month in the Council Chamber located at City Hall, 1666 N. Main Street, Walnut Creek.

The agenda, staff reports, meeting resumes and audio recordings can be found on the Public Meetings page.

Planning Commissioners hold 4-year terms.

 Robert Pickett - Chair

2nd Term (2016-2020)

Bob Pickett sq

Peter Lezak -  Vice Chair

1st Term ( 2016-2020)

                               Peter Lezak sq

           Brian Kreclic

   2nd Term (2018-2022)


Steve Reiser

1st Term (2018-2022)


  Steve Reiser sq

        Ken Strongman

1st Term (2020-2024)


                         ken strongman planning 2020                         

Melissa Bauman-Ward

 1st Term (2020-2024)


   Melissa Ward Cropped small


       Brandt Andersson

     1st Term (2020-2024)

  brandt andersson 2020 plan    

Note: Year in parentheses denotes dates of term. 


Commission Duties

  1. The Planning Commission shall have the following duties:

    (a) To prepare, review, and recommend to the City Council for its adoption a long-range, comprehensive general plan, and any amendments, to guide the future physical development and conservation of the City and its adjoining environs based on the geographic, social, economic and political characteristics of the community.

    (b) To recommend for adoption by the City Council specific plans based on the general plan and drafts of such regulations, programs and legislation as may be required for the systematic execution of the general and specific plans.

    (c) To recommend for adoption by the City Council a zoning ordinance.

    (d) To periodically review the capital investment program of the City.

    (e) To coordinate plans and programs with other city, county, regional, state and federal agencies in matters of common concern.

    (f) To perform such other duties as may be required by the City Council or by State law or the municipal code.

    Staff contact: Ethan Bindernagel, Planning Manager, (925) 256-3530