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Park, Recreation and Open Space Commission

The Park, Recreation and Open Space Commission (PROS) is established by the City Council to advise the City Council on the general direction and emphasis of park, recreation, creek, trail and open space needs, facilities and programs.

The PROS Commission meets at 6:00 p.m. on the first Monday of every even month in the Council Chamber, City Hall, 1666 N. Main Street, Walnut Creek.  Meetings for 2019 will be on the following Mondays:

February 4, 2019         
April 1, 2019               
June 3, 2019               
August 5, 2019           
October 7, 2019       
December 2, 2019    

Meeting Agendas / Minutes / Audio Archives


PROS Commissioners hold appointments for a four-year term.


 Robert Kearsley  (1st Term, 2016-2020)
 Rebert Kearsley sq
 Brendan Moran - Chair (1st Term 2018-2022)
 Brendan Moran sq
 Jodi Davenport - (2nd Term, 2018-2022)
 Fred Weston - (2nd Term, 2018-2022)
 Fred Weston sq
 Arthur Oller - Vice-Chair  (1st Term, 2018-2022)
 Arthur Oller sq

Note: Year in parentheses denotes dates of term.

Walnut Creek Open Space Task Force
  • Final Walnut Creek Open Space Task Force Report - September 22, 2008 (561 KB pdf file)
  • Background Report appendices (586 KB pdf file)
  • Vision Report Appendix (1 MB pdf file)
  • Background Report -- October 25, 2007 (2 MB pdf file)
  • Creek Restoration and Trails Master Plan - 1993 (pdf files)

    Commission Duties
    The Park, Recreation and Open Space Commission shall be advisory only and shall have the following duties:

      (a) To act in an advisory capacity to the City Council and staff on the general direction, policies, and emphasis of park, recreation, creek, trail and open space trends and needs of the City.

      (b) To review and make recommendations to the City Council on the design and plans of park, recreation, creek, trail and open space facilities.

      (c) To review and recommend to the City Council proposed changes to park, recreation and open space program fee ranges in the City’s fees and charges schedule.

      (d) To perform such other duties as may be required by the City Council or the municipal code.

    Staff contact: Heather Ballenger, Public Services Director, (925) 256-3593.