Arts Commission

The Arts Commission is established to advise the City Council on facilities, programs and policies that enhance the artistic, aesthetic, and cultural quality of life in the City and contribute to the economic vitality of the City. The Arts Commission guides implementation of the public art program and Public Art Master Plan. (§1, Ord. 2106, eff. 1/6/12)

Arts Commissioners hold appointments for a 4-year term on a staggered basis.

The Commission meets in the Council Chamber at City Hall, 1666 N. Main Street, Walnut Creek.

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Meeting Agendas / Minutes / Audio Archives

View the Public Art Master Plan approved by the Arts Commission and City Council.

View the Public Art Ordinances here.

Read the full Arts and Economic Prosperity Report 5 by Americans for the Arts here. 


Glynnis Cowdery - Chair

(2nd term, 2016-2020)


Ann Merideth - Vice Chair

(1st term, 2017-2020)



Ann Meridith Sq





Jane Emanuel

(2nd Term, 2016-2020)



  Iasmine Klauber

(1st term, 2018-2022)

Iasmine sq.

Note: Year in parentheses denotes dates of term.

Commission Duties

The Arts Commission shall have the following duties:

 (a) To review and recommend to the City Council proposed changes to arts program fee ranges in the City’s fees and charges schedule.

 (b) To prepare, adopt, and recommend to the City Council standards and policies for art facilities, art programs, and other related matters.

 (c) To provide oversight for the City’s public art program pursuant to the Public Art Ordinance and the Public Art Master Plan, including:

      1. To approve the artist and art for all public art projects pursuant to Section 10-10.102(E).

      2. To establish a selection panel to recommend to the Arts Commission for approval the artists, art, and sites for municipal public art projects pursuant to the Public Art Master Plan.

      3. To identify and recommend public art projects to be funded by the In-Lieu Public Art Fund pursuant to Section 10-10.103.

      4. To periodically review and recommend to the City Council updates to the City’s Public Art Master Plan.

 (d) To develop a strategic vision for culture and the arts in Walnut Creek.

 (e) To advise staff on performing and visual arts and arts education trends.

 (f) To perform such other duties as may be required by the City Council or the municipal code.

Staff contact
: Kevin Safine, Arts and Recreation Director, (925) 943-5848