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Campaign Sign Regulations

In an effort to treat all political candidates and ballot measures consistently and fairly, the City of Walnut Creek has developed a process to enforce regulations related to political campaign signs. The regulations govern placement of signs and the length of time they may be displayed. Please click on the link below to view a summary of the sign regulations as they relate to political signs within the City of Walnut Creek:

Political Sign Regulations - City of Walnut Creek (a complete version of Section 10-8.108 of the Walnut Creek Municipal Code can be viewed by clicking here.)

In the matter of political sign regulations in the unincorporated areas of Walnut Creek in Contra Costa County, click here.

Things to Remember:

·        Signs may be placed on private property only with the property owners permission.

·        Walnut Creek’s sign regulations prohibit any signs from being located upon or within any public right-of-way or publicly owned or maintained land.

·        On Election Day, candidates may not distribute literature or post signs inside polling places or within 100 feet of any building in which a polling place is located or anywhere on the public property on which the polling place is located (California Election Code Section 18370)

Questions concerning campaign sign regulations should be directed to the Code Enforcement Officer, at (925) 943-5899, ext. 5863 or the City Clerk’s office at (925) 943-5818.