The California State Legislature sets in place the regulations for speed limits and the California Vehicle Code (CVC) places these regulations into language used primarily for enforcement purposes. Speed limits are established primarily for protecting the public from the behavior of reckless, unreliable, or dangerous drivers. The City of Walnut Creek has the responsibility to set speed limits on City's roadways according to the standards and procedures established by Caltrans. The posted speed limits on City's arterial and collector streets can be found here.

Engineering and Traffic Surveys

Radar surveys or Engineering and Traffic surveys (E&TS) are conducted on the City's collector and arterial roadways. Engineering and Traffic surveys are conducted as required by the CVC 40802, and as outlined in the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MUTCD) Section 2B.13. Courts require a survey for anything other than a local street with a prima facie speed limit established by law. Copies can be obtained by visiting us on the second floor of the City Hall at 1666 Main Street or you may request a survey by mail, please allow two to three weeks for delivery.