shadelands bus picking up at bus stop

The City of Walnut Creek and the Shadelands Property and Business Improvement District are undertaking a comprehensive plan to improve transportation in the Shadelands Business Park.  The Shadelands Business Park, established in the late 1960’s, is approximately 246 acres of research, medical, education, recreation and community uses.  The plan is intended to improve transportation for everyone by addressing:

  • vehicle entry and exit points,
  • traffic flow throughout the park,
  • pedestrian and bicyclist routes and safety, and
  • bus and shuttle routes and stop locations. 

Fehr & Peers was selected, through a competitive consultant selection process, to complete the Multi-Modal Improvement Plan.  Once developed, the Plan will identify transportation measures and prioritize a set of improvement projects tailored to the needs of the Shadelands Business Park.

Public outreach events will be hosted throughout the project, to provide information about the project and to gather feedback.  In addition, the community is able to provide feedback regarding walking, biking, driving, and/or taking the bus in the Shadelands Business Park using the interactive web map