Staff is trying to reduce exposure to residents. If you need new or need to renew your parking permits, or need one-day passes, please call (925) 256-3529 or email We can work with you to verify documents by email or text and can send you what you need by mail. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


The Preferential Residential Permit Parking (PRPP), adopted by Council in 1989, has been successful in resolving residential parking concerns in thirteen City neighborhoods. To see a list of permit parking areas and restrictions click here.

Obtaining Permits

Residents of a PRPP area are eligible to apply for up to three resident permits for specific vehicles, and two guest permits for visitors. Initial application must be submitted in person and subsequent renewals may be done by mail. These permits cost $25 each and are renewed on an annual basis.

To apply for permits, please bring the following documentation with you to City Hall:

  • Completed Permit Application
  • Photo Identification, such as a valid CA drivers license, passport, etc.
  • Proof of Residency, such as current utility bill, lease agreement, rent receipt, school records, etc.
  • Current Vehicle Registration (if requesting permit for a specific vehicle)

PRPP Program

For detailed information about the Preferential Residential Permit Parking program, click here.

Click here for the petition form to request a PRPP in your neighborhood. Please bring the completed application form and supporting documents to the second floor of the City Hall at 1666 N. Main Street.