Traffic Engineering is responsible for all parking restrictions and postings on public property within the City limits, including the maintenance of traffic control signs and street markings relative to parking. Also, Traffic Engineering reviews all plans for temporary parking restrictions for events and construction. The goal of the program is to provide the maximum amount of parking while maintaining public safety and the smooth flow of traffic within City limits.

Valet Parking

The City adopted a Policy permitting Valet Parking drop-off zones allowing downtown core businesses without off-street parking to better serve their customers with a valet service. Businesses may request a Valet Parking encroachment permit to use existing on-street spaces as a valet loading/unloading zone where valet attendants then move the vehicles to a predetermined location with a surplus of off-street parking. There are several valet zones in downtown Walnut Creek.  The valet services are operated by the sponsoring businesses, but may be used by anyone. 

Click here to download the Valet parking application form.