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Redevelopment projectDevelopment Engineering is responsible for plan review, map checking, and inspection of all private site development (residential, commercial, and industrial) that occurs within the City of Walnut Creek.


SubdivisionDivision of land into two or more lots for sale, lease, or financing and Lot Line Adjustments require Lot Line Applications and are regulated by the City's Municipal Code and the State Subdivision Map Act. Subdivision brochure explains the process.

Site Development Permit

new development engineeringSite development permit is required for grading, retaining walls over 3 feet in height, drainage course alteration, commercial parking lot and any landscaping as required by the Design Review Commission.

Encroachment Permit

encroachmentAn Encroachment Permit is required for any work performed in the public right of way.


Stormwater Treatment Facility


stormwaterStormwater treatment may be required on new development projects that create or replace 10,000 square feet of impervious surface.

Floodplain Administrator

flood signThe New Development Engineering Division acts as the floodplain administrator for all projects located with FEMA mapped flood zones within Walnut Creek.