The Cypress Corner Mini Plaza project is a public private partnership between the City of Walnut Creek and Walnut Creek Downtown. The Cypress Corner Mini Plaza will enhance the public sidewalk on the west side of North Main Street at Cypress Street. The intent of the plaza is to create a public gathering space in the heart of the traditional downtown area. The project will reconstruct the existing sidewalk, adding new hardscape, landscaping, arbor, lighting and seating to create a mini plaza space. Synthetic play mounds and a new outdoor parklet will also be created as part of this project. 


Cypress Mini Plaza




This project is designed to reconstruct, renew and revitalize the traditional downtown area along North Main Street. The project will involve beautifying the right of way from the building fronts to the end of the sidewalk and encompassing the on street parking spaces in front of those buildings. The project will add new decorative tile and concrete hardscape, landscaping, irrigation, decorative benches to enhance the area. A new children’s play area with play mounds will assist in activating the plaza area.

Three on street parking stalls along the project’s frontage on North Main Street will be transformed to an outdoor public parklet. A parklet is a platform that converts curbside parking spaces into a social gathering space. This parklet will be an inclusive place for shoppers, pedestrians and bicyclists to relax and enjoy being downtown. The parklet will have amenities such as seating areas, table tops and planters. A steel and wood arbor will encompass the area. The future use of this parklet space will be similar to the one located in front of 1321 Locust Street.

As part of the improvements, four trees will be removed and an existing storm drain pipe will be replaced. A trench drain will be installed to maintain drainage in the area.

This project designates unique spaces for future collaborative opportunities such as public art, little lending library, and artistic bike racks.

An outdoor dining area will remain in the improved plaza space.


Access to businesses will remain available. The sidewalk will remain open. 


During construction, approximately seven on street parking spaces will be used by the contractor. Three of the seven spaces will be incorporated in the new parklet area and the remaining four parking spaces will be utilized as construction access. The contractor will post no parking signs. Please observe instructions on the posted signs.

All other parking in the immediate area will not be affected.

There are two City owned parking garages two block away from the project site. City owned garages are open 24 hours/day The Broadway Garage is located at 1390 N Broadway. The South Locust Garage is located at 1350 Locust Street. Additional information about parking downtown is available on the City’s downtown parking website.



Ped Path and Storefronts 2

Corner of Cypress-N Main 1


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