Walnut Creek Library


The Engineering Division provides engineering support to the various City operating departments, implements the City's Capital Improvements Program and perform Engineering plan reviews for all private development projects. General work includes annexation, surveying, special studies, mapping and responding to the citizens of Walnut Creek and other agencies.

Capital Investment Program
Implements the City's construction program for new facilities and major maintenance projects. It provides design, surveying, scheduling, and construction management for the projects. This section also conducts public hearings and informational meetings, and coordinates with outside agencies for funding, joint projects and project reviews.

Development Engineering
Responsible for plan reviews, map checking and inspection of all private developments that occurs within the City of Walnut Creek. Development Engineering reviews and approves all Subdivision maps, issues Site Development permit for grading or other improvements on private property and Encroachment permit for all works within the public right-of-way.

Traffic Engineering
Plays a key role in maintaining safe and efficient travel for pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles within the City and provides traffic operations and traffic planning services.

Clean Water Program
Administers Federal and State mandates to reduce pollutants from entering surface waters and storm drain systems.