Please read the following before filling out and submitting a request for a copy of a Police Report.

If you have already made a report with an officer and can not locate or remember your case number, you can obtain it by calling the Records department, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (925) 943-5890 or Dispatch after hours at (925) 943-5844.
Something to take into account is to make sure you actually need a copy of the report. Most often, insurance companies, banks, phone companies, and other organizations do not require you to provide a physical copy of your crime report; rather, they just want the case number or the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) information for documentation. They will normally request a copy themselves if they need it. If you are going to Family Court for domestic-related issues, and the judge is requesting proof of a police call for service, most often, the CAD information will suffice, and we can supply it to you in less time than it takes to review and release the police report.  
  • You must be a party involved in the report, or the legal representative of an involved party (authorization is required, and must be attached to your request).
  • If you are a party in the report, complete the Report Request Form. IN MOST CASES, we can accept your application by mail, email or fax.  Send your request to:

    Walnut Creek Police Department
    Attn: Records
    1666 North Main Street
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596

  • If you are unable to complete the form online, you may stop by the department to fill out or pick up the form, or call us and we will fax or mail it to you. Keep in mind, if you come into the station in person, you will not be given a copy of your report then. By law we have 10 days to respond to your request, but a majority of the time we respond within a few days.
  • If the report contains information involving a juvenile (someone under 18 years of age when the incident occurred) you must complete a "Request for Release of Juvenile Case Information" form. You must appear in person at the police station to execute this document. Your signature must be witnessed by a police employee or notary public, as it must go before the Judge of the Juvenile Court for a ruling. The Juvenile Judge decides whether or not the report can be released to you. Please plan ahead for this process as it takes a little longer than normal.  Generally it takes about two weeks.
  • You must have standing (a specific legal right) to receive the information. The application form lists those authorized.  If the application calls for a signed authorization, it must be included.
  • We do not charge a fee for the report.
  • Your report may have redacted areas or missing pages. Redactions are specifically governed by laws and policies that we are not able to circumvent.     

Click here to download a Report Request Form.

Request a copy of an Accident Report Online

To request a copy of an accident report have your case number available go to

Most accident reports written by the Walnut Creek Police Department can be obtained online. However some may not.  Reasons an accident report may not be available online are:

  • The accident did not occur in the jurisdiction of the Walnut Creek Police Department.
  • There were serious injuries and/or a fatality as a result of the accident.
  • There was a crime associated with the accident report.
  • The report is not complete.
  • The report cannot be released by applicable laws.

Reports are typically available within 5 to 10 days. If the report is not available online after 10 days, please contact the Walnut Creek Police Records Division at 925-943-5890.

Cost of an online accident report is $5.00, which is paid directly

The Walnut Creek Police Department reserves the right to restrict the availability of online accident reports.