Make an Online Report

Report:  Accidents

Please read the two applicable vehicle codes below before proceeding with your report. Once you are finished filing online, keep your report as it will be your record of the accident.

Vehicle Code Section 20002

1.      Give the owner or person in charge of such property the name and address of the driver and owner of the vehicle.

2.      In the absence of the owner, leave a written notice in a conspicuous place on the other vehicle or damaged property, giving the name and address of the driver and owner of the vehicle involved and a statement of the circumstances.

Vehicle Code Section 16000

The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in damage to the property of any ONE party in excess of $750 or in the injury or death of any person must submit a SR-1 Form to the California Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days, or as soon as possible.

Note: Failure to comply may result in suspension of your driver's license. Law enforcement reports do not satisfy the DMV report requirement. If city or state property is damaged, you will be contacted regarding possible liability.

Form SR-1 may be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles, any police station, motor vehicle club, insurance agency, or DMV website.

Type: Hit and Run Collision

Example: Hit and run accident where the driver of a motor vehicle does not stop after being involved in a collision with another vehicle or property. Online reporting is available when there are no injuries, the other vehicle's license plate number is unknown, and the current location of the other vehicle is unknown.

Type:  Non-Injury Collision

Example: You and another person involved in an accident exchanged information and now your insurance company wants you to file a report.  Please have the other parties information available when entering report, this includes any passengers in the vehicle(s).

Report: Auto Burglary

Definition: Property or belongings are stolen from a locked motor vehicle.

Example:  Your car window was smashed and a bag was stolen from inside the car.

Report: Harassing phone calls/texts

Definition: Unwanted phone/texts calls of an annoying or harassing nature.  This does not include violations of restraining orders.   For a known person or calls threatening in nature or a restraining order violation, please contact us at (925) 935-6400 to file a report with an officer.

Example:  For example, an unknown person calls and immediately hang-ups or uses obscene language.

For more information visit the website.

Report: Identity Theft

Definition: Your personal identifying information, i.e., Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number, credit card numbers, or other identifying information being used by an unknown person to obtain credit, goods or services.

Example:  Someone obtains a credit card using your S.S.N. or obtains phone or other services using your personal information.

Be sure to get and keep all papers, receipts, canceled checks, mail from companies, etc. related to this crime.  After submitting your online report, you will be directed to print-out a packet of forms which need to be completed and mailed to the Walnut Creek Police Department in order to complete your Identity Theft report.

Included in the packet is a Victim Reference Guide for dealing with Identity Theft, and you can also visit Recovering From Identity Theft for additional reporting instructions.

Report: Lost Property

Definition:  When property is missing or lost with no evidence of theft.

Example:  Leaving items in a restaurant or missing items from home.

Report:  Mail theft

Definition:  Theft of mail from a mailbox or receptacle. If any of your personal information or checks were used after the mail theft, please include this in the narrative portion of your report.

Example:  An unknown subject enters a post service box to steal mail.

Report:  Stolen Vehicle - Attempt

Definition:  When someone attempts to take a vehicle without permission that is not his/her own; the vehicle was not successfully stolen, and the vehicle is still in the location in which it was parked by the owner.

Example:  When someone attempts to steal your vehicle by tampering with the ignition.

Report: Theft
Definition: Your property is taken without your permission.  Property taken from a business; locked vehicle; open garage or house is a Burglary and is not available for online reporting, please contact us at (925) 935-6400 for an officer to make a report.

Example:  An unknown person takes a bicycle from a yard or a purse from a shopping cart.

Report:  Theft from vehicle

Definition:  When your property is stolen from a vehicle whose doors are unlocked or windows rolled down enough to allow entry without force.

Example:  For example, personal possessions are removed from the passenger area and there are no known suspects and/or no forced entry to the vehicle. 

For vehicle vandalism or tampering, please report under vandalism section.

Report:  Vandalism/Graffiti

Definition:  The act of damaging, destroying, or defacing public or private property.

Example:  Knocking over a mail box causing damage, throwing a rock through a window, spray paint, writing, tagging, etc by someone other than the owner.

Report: Vehicle Vandalism/Tampering

Definition:  The act of damaging or tampering with any vehicle or the contents thereof or break or remove any part of a vehicle without the consent of the owner.  This does not include theft of property from inside the vehicle.

Example:   Someone uses a key to scratch your paint on purpose.

Report: Violation of Child Custody Order

Definition:  Incident involving the custody, care and control of children.

Example:  One parent fails to drop off a child at the pre-determined place or time in Walnut Creek.  This does not include cases where one parent is deliberately hiding a child from the other parent, for these type of cases please contact us at (925) 935-6400 for an officer to take a report.  This report type is intended for those cases where one parent needs documentation only for court.

Note: You must have a current order and the other party must have been served with a copy of that order.

Report: Tips-Criminal, Suspicious Activity, etc.

These tips are not monitored 24-7 so DO NOT report in progress crimes via this form. Call 911 for emergencies or (925) 935-6400 to speak with a dispatcher. 

The Walnut Creek Police Department has established this online form for persons wishing to provide anonymous crime tips/information to the police department. This form is intended for suspected criminal activity that has occurred, or may occur. For example: witnessing an assault; suspecting narcotics activity at a specific location; observing gang or graffiti activity; other suspicious activity.

NOTE: The information provided will be forwarded to the appropriate departmental unit, so please be as complete as possible with the information to help us determine that unit. By completing this form, you are not creating an official police report.


Report: Abandoned Vehicles

The Walnut Creek Police Department has established this online form for persons wishing to report abandoned vehicles to the Police Department pursuant to WCMC 3-5.1005.

(WCMC 3-5.1005 - Storing Vehicles on Streets. No person who owns or has possession, custody or control of any vehicle shall park such vehicle upon any street or alley for more than a consecutive period of seventy-two hours. (§1, Ord. 1338, eff. February 2, 1978)

NOTE: Online reports of this type are only handled Monday-Thursday. If you need assistance outside of these hours please call our dispatch center.
Some personal information is required to submit this report online, if you wish to remain anonymous, please call our dispatch center at (925)935-6400. The information provided will be forwarded to the appropriate departmental unit, so please be as complete as possible with the information. By completing this form, you are not creating an official police report.

Report:  RV Permits

Per Walnut Creek Municipal Code 3-5.1901 WCMC:

    A.    No vacation trailer or motor coach in excess of both 20 feet in length and seven feet in height shall be parked 
           or left standing upon any street in any residential district between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. unless a 
           permit has first been issued therefore by the Chief of Police.

    B.    A permit shall be issued, free of charge, under the following circumstances only:

                1.    If the motor coach is the only vehicle registered to, and customarily used by, the occupants of the 
                       dwelling in front of which it is parked or left standing; or

                2.    For the purpose of loading or unloading, for two consecutive periods from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. before 
                       and after a trip.  The term "trip" does not refer to daily use of the vehicle, but instead refers to an 
                       extended, overnight use of the vehicle which requires additional time to prepare the vehicle. The term 
                       "loading and unloading" includes packing food, clothing and supplies and preparing the vehicle's 
                       refrigeration system, and unpacking the vehicle after the trip; or,

                3.    For the purpose of accommodating visitors who are traveling in the vehicle, not to exceed three 
                       consecutive periods from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., providing that the vehicle is not in violation of 
                       § 3-5.1005 of this code.

                4.    The permit shall be prominently displayed in the lower left portion of the vehicle's windshield when the 
                       vehicle is parked or left standing in a residential district.

    C.    The term residential district shall mean any district designated as "R" (except R-O); "D"; "M"; or "P-D" if the 
           P-D zone permits residential use, on the Land Use Zone Map of the City of Walnut Creek. (§1, Ord. 1554, eff. 
           November 4, 1982)

    D.    No vacation trailer or motor coach shall be parked or left standing in any off-street parking facility which is owned 
           or operated by the City between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6 a.m.  The foregoing provisions shall only be 
           effective if appropriate signs or markings are in place. (§1, Ord. 1996, eff. 6/6/02)

How to Obtain an RV Permit:

Permits can be obtained, free of charge, online or in person.  RV permits are only issued Monday-Thursday 8am to 5pm, except holidays. 

RV Permit Rules:
        1.    Permits are issued for 2 days to residents and 3 days to visitors. Consecutive days, over the initial 2, are not 
        2.    Vehicles shall be parked legally -- DO NOT block driveways or Fire Hydrants.  Be certain that the Motorhome 
               does not block traffic control signs or interfere with visibility near intersection. 
        3.    The permit MUST be taped to the inside of the front windshield on the drivers side to be valid

To obtain a permit online:

        1.    Visit our online reporting system (by clicking the application link below)
        2.    Follow the instructions, please fill out all fields as accurately as possible
        3.    Once completed, submit the report
        4.    Once your request is received, it will be reviewed and a permit will be emailed back to you in PDF format, 
               within 24 hours (excluding Fridays, weekends and holidays) 
        5.    Print your permit and place it in the lower left portion of the windshield.

Report: Video Surveillance Registration

If you have a residential or business surveillance camera, the Walnut Creek Police Department would like to partner with you. We've added this registration form that allows residents and business owners to register their security cameras with the police department. The registration and sharing of video footage is completely voluntary and not required.

If you choose to volunteer this information, you are not giving us control of your camera or sharing control, you are simply letting us know you have it so we know who to contact to help us solve crime in your neighborhood.  Your information will only be shared with law enforcement personnel who are investigating criminal activity in the area where your cameras are located.