Homeless Solutions for Walnut Creek

walnut_creek_pd_panhandling_flyerThe Challenge
Homelessness has become an increasing problem in the Nation, State, Contra Costa County and in Walnut Creek. Through cooperation among city staff, volunteers, nonprofit and private organizations to address homelessness, Walnut Creek can make positive changes in the lives of the homeless, while also respecting the rights of home and business owners.

Creating Solutions
The Walnut Creek Police Department partners with local and county Homeless service centers to provide assist to our homeless population.  In addition, the Walnut Creek Police Department participates in monthly meetings with community members, business owners, Trinity Center staff and City staff to network and coordinate the City’s activities for services and housing resources for the homeless. In addition, the Walnut Creek Downtown Association is committed to serving business owners by assisting the Police Officers and coordinating with business owners.

The various pages within the Homeless Solutions section of our website will introduce you to our Homeless Outreach Team, the efforts they make to address homelessness in Walnut Creek, and provide links to resources for those experiencing homeless. In addition, the site also provides a detailed description for business and property owners about their rights and various steps and actions to be taken pertaining to activities which may occur on their property.