The Walnut Creek Police Department Reserve Division maintains one of the largest and best trained municipal police reserve organizations in California with 30 active sworn personnel contributing approximately 10,000 volunteer hours to the community annually.  Our primary objective is to support the balance of the police department to maintain public safety, health and the protection of property.  

There are currently 30 reserve officers who donated a combined 8,000 hours last year alone. Being a reserve requires training, an application and screening process, and a commitment of 16 hours a month minimum of patrol or other assignments as well as mandatory training meetings. 

Some reserve officers are seeking experience and taking a career "test drive" before pursuing full-time law enforcement careers. Others have chosen to maintain their existing careers while contributing their time to provide a valuable and meaningful service to the community. Most reserve officers begin their volunteer career with no prior experience in law enforcement, but rather a general interest in the profession combined with a willingness to learn.  Through continuous training, mentoring, and field experience, reserve officers gain the skills necessary to perform the job at hand.

Prior to becoming a reserve police officer, individuals will be required to complete a state-mandated reserve peace officer academy (See the POST Requirements page for details).  Depending upon scheduling of courses, this may consist of several months worth of evening classes meeting several times a week. 

Although the demands placed on reserve police officers can be fairly extensive at times, particularly in the early days of a reserve officer's career as they build their law enforcement skills, the rewards in terms of personal satisfaction, excitement, and unrivaled camaraderie are worth the effort. Click here to apply.