Welcome to the Sector 4 section of the Walnut Creek Police Department website.

The Sector 4 Coordinator also oversees the Special Operations Unit, which is made up of a Special Enforcement Team that focuses on crime trends and problems areas within the City, the Department K9 Team that supports our Patrol Officers, Investigations Unit, and our SET Officers, and the Motor Team that provides traffic enforcement of vehicle code violations throughout the City. Sector 4 is unique in that it is mostly made up of Retail and Dining Establishments.

The majority of the crimes that cause problems for our Sector are Property Related Crimes and problems related to Alcohol Violations. The Walnut Creek Police Department is committed to reducing crime and addressing quality of life issues in the City and my responsibility is to address the issues within Sector 4 to meet this commitment.

Please contact us for issues or concerns related to Sector 4 and thank you for doing your part to make Walnut Creek a great place to live and visit.