The Patrol Division is the largest single entity within the Walnut Creek Police Department, and are the first responders to all calls for police service. 

All patrol services are based on geographical areas called sectors, which are further broken down into beats. There are four sectors and nine beats (3 each for sector 1, 2 and 3). Sector 1 covers the southern, sector 2 the northwest, sector 3 the eastern and sector 4 the downtown core portions of the city, generally dividing along the  North Broadway/ Mt. Diablo Blvd. demarcation point. 

Because each sector is a unique area of our city, we assign a Sector Commander to each area whose job it is to be a focal point for police issues for that area.  Each has a particular viewpoint and approach to police operations within their individual area of responsibility, and if you are a City resident we invite you to visit the sector pages sponsored by their respective commanders to get to know your police services managers a little better.  Please feel free to contact them directly with any issues or concerns. 

Sector 1        Sector 2        Sector 3        Sector 4