Parking Citations

The City of Walnut Creek NO LONGER contracts with Duncan Solutions for citation processing, this is now handled by Citation Processing Center.

For Inquiries by Phone:

Please phone: (800) 989-2058. Have your Citation Number and/or License Plate number handy.

Pay Your Parking Citation By Mail:

Make your check or money order (cash is not accepted) out to City of Walnut Creek. Include your citation number or license plate number in the memo line. Mail your payment and citation to:

Walnut Creek
Citation Processing Center
P.O. Box 10479
Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479

Pay Your Parking Citation Online:

You may also pay your tickets online at The citation processing website has a secure payment process.  A processing fee of $3.50 is charged when paying online. Please have your citation number or your License Plate number handy..

Parking Citation Appeal Process:

If you feel you received a citation that was unfair, unjust, or issued in error, you may appeal it.   There are three levels of review:

Level 1 - A review of your parking citation by the Citation Processing Center and/or Walnut Creek Police.  

Level 2 - A review of your parking citation conducted by an outside party trained in administrative hearings of parking matters.  

Level 3 - A hearing held by the Walnut Creek Superior Court.  (Note:  Each level of review must occur before the next).

To begin the review process, do the following:

1. Submit a written appeal online at


2. Complete and mail the appeals form, along with any supporting documentation to the address below. Supporting documentation should include a copy of your citation, copies of any applicable permits, placards, or other documentation relevant to your appeal.  Mail the package to:

Walnut Creek
Citation Processing Center
P.O. Box 10479
Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479

3.  The request must be received within 21 days of citation issue.

 4.  You will be notified of the results by mail.  If your appeal is not granted, you will be informed as to your right and the procedure to have a Level 2 hearing in front of the Parking Appeals Hearing Officer.