John Slade Banker/Investment Scam

COLD CASE 04-20775

John Slade Banker
Birth date: 12/20/20
White Male Adult
6 foot, 150 pounds
Grey hair, Blue eyes

John Banker

On 8/10/04, the first victim came forward reporting a multi-million dollar scam involving John Slade BANKER Sr. purporting himself to be working for PepsiCo. 

Rough estimates are that 150-200 people invested $9 million in the scam.  Approx. 50 victims have contacted Walnut Creek Police Department, with a loss on paper totaling approx. $3.8 million. BANKER presented himself as working for PepsiCo to liquidate PepsiCo’s bottling plants and other assets.

The scam involved BANKER getting investors to purchase 25% interest in an individual property being sold by PepsiCo.  BANKER would retain the other 75% interest.

BANKER had ties to the Catholic Church, so he pledged approximately $121 million to St. Mary’s College, which would pay for the JC Gatehouse building which was to add legitimacy to the scam. BANKER targeted friends and associates to invest in the scam. 

Walnut Creek Police Detectives determined that BANKER left town, at the end of July, to the beginning of August 2004, abandoning his vehicle and apartment, while cutting all ties with friends and associates. WCPD believed BANKER left town with $4-5 million of investors’ money.  BANKER is possibly in Mexico.

On 1/19/05, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office filed several grand theft charges against BANKER and his bail was set at $5 million.