Elaine Davis Kidnapping/Homicide (1969)

Cold Case 69-121091

On 12/01/1969, Elaine Davis a 17 year old girl disappeared from her Walnut Creek home in the evening hours.  She was home alone with her younger sister when she was abducted through a rear sliding glass window. Officers found some parts of her clothing in the back yard. Officers also found clothing belonging to Elaine near the Interstate 680 in Alamo and along Highway 17 in Scotts Valley.

On 12/19/1969 authorities found the body of a female floating off Light House Point near Santa Cruz, CA.  At that time Investigators mistakenly estimated the age of the victim to be 20 – 25 years old. 

In 2000, a Walnut Creek Police Detective reviewed the Davis case.  The Detective scoured databases looking for recovered unidentified persons and learned of the body recovered in Santa Cruz. With the assistance of the Santa Cruz County Coroner’s Office and a forensic anthropologist, investigators were able to exhume the body. Investigators were able to identify the body as Elaine Davis.

Elaine Davis