Cold Case Investigations


The Walnut Creek Police Departments Investigations Bureau is responsible for the investigations of serious cases that occur in our city. Most of the serious cases are investigated and solved in a reasonable amount of time. Some serious cases lack significant information to be solved in a reasonable amount of time and eventually the case becomes cold. Most of these cases are classed “cold cases” which means they are currently open, serious crimes, have little evidence or leads to identify a suspect and have not been solved. Historically, cold cases are solved through the use of technological advances (for example DNA), the case is publicized which, causes more interest in the case, a person comes forward with new information, or a suspect eventually confesses.

In an effort to solve these cases the department will be posting summaries of the cases on their website and in press releases in an effort to develop leads and to possibly bring closure to the families of these victims. 

If you have any additional information please contact the Walnut Creek Police Investigations Bureau at (925) 943-5844. 

To view individual cold case information, please follow these links...