Walnut Creek CERT DSWVP Policy

California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Program (DSWVP) web page:

Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Program (DSWVP) Policy

Walnut Creek CERT members are sworn is as Disaster Service Workers for the City of Walnut Creek. This is effective for two years; the CERT may renew DSW status by participating in any approved CERT activity (see list below). To learn more, click here for DSW policy [PDF].

After two years of inactivity, members of CERT are allowed an extra six-month grace period in which to participate in an approved activity before they are removed from CERT membership. When CERT membership expires the member's DSW registration form will be expired.



Qualified Activities for DSWVP Registration Renewal 

To renew the expiration date for your DSW registration and remain a member of Walnut Creek CERT, do one of the following and submit the completion certificate to cert@walnut-creek.org or ask the sponsor of an activity to send email confirmation to cert@walnut-creek.org.


Note that only pre-approved activities qualify for CERT membership & DSW registration renewal and an attendance list (sign-in sheet) is required as proof of participation. Written pre-approval must be given by the Walnut Creek CERT Program Manager at cert@walnut-creek.org.

  • Participate in a CERT training class or drill, attend a CERT meeting (see list below), or participate in a weekly CERT radio net
  • Take an online FEMA course  at https://training.fema.gov/is/crslist.aspx
    • IS-100, -200, -700, -10, -11 are acceptable courses to complete, for example.
    • Pick a course that you have not already taken.
    • Obtain written pre-approval for courses not listed above.
  • Train with the Red Cross or similar NGO, or deploy for disaster response - provide certificate of completion
  • Participate in a pre-approved FEMA-, CalOES-, or Red Cross-sponsored deployment. Request approval before deployment from the Walnut Creek CERT Program Manager at cert@walnut-creek.org.
  • SEMS G606 online course (if still FREE) - Standardized Emergency Management System Introduction - course flyer 

The recurring CERT trainings listed below qualify for DSW renewal provided that a sign-in sheet is submitted to the Walnut Creek CERT program Manager or Administrator to show individual attendance:

  • Monthly or quarterly CERT area meetings.
  • Weekly CERT radio nets - CERT amateur radio group & net control must record participation. 
  • CERT bi-monthly city-wide refresher meetings.



    To be valid, this DSW registration form must be endorsed at bottom of page by a CERT volunteer who is authorized by the City Clerk for the City of Walnut Creek to administer DSW loyalty oath. 

    Instructions to complete DSW form are here. Don't forget to sign it!!


    Accredited Disaster Council (ADC) approvals for training and exercise


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    Updated on 2020-02-26.