Walnut Creek CERT DSWVP Policy

California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Program (DSWVP) web page:

Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Program (DSWVP) Policy

Walnut Creek CERT members are sworn is as Disaster Service Workers for the City of Walnut Creek. This is effective for two years; the CERT may renew DSW status by participating in any approved CERT activity (see list below). To learn more, click here [PDF].

In addition to activity, CERT members are required to submit a new DSW registration form in the month before their DSW registration expires. (New requirement as of June 2019.) New DSW registration forms are required every two years to remain a member of Walnut Creek CERT.

After two years of inactivity, members of CERT are allowed an extra 2 month grace period in which to participate in an approved activity before they are removed from CERT membership. The same time limits apply to receipt of a new DSW form by the CERT Program Manager or CERT Administrator.


Qualified Activities for DSWVP Registration Renewal 

To renew the expiration date for your DSW registration and remain a member of Walnut Creek CERT, do one of the following and submit the completion certificate to cert@walnut-creek.org or ask the sponsor of an activity to send email confirmation to cert@walnut-creek.org.


Note that only pre-approved activities qualify for DSW registration renewal and an attendance list is required as proof of participation. Written pre-approval must be given by the Walnut Creek CERT Program Manager, Megan Stephenson.

  • Participate in a CERT training class or drill, attend a CERT meeting (see list below), or participate in a weekly CERT radio net
  • Take an online FEMA course  at https://training.fema.gov/is/crslist.aspx
    • IS-100, -200, -700, -10, -11 are acceptable courses to complete, for example.
    • Pick a course that you have not already taken
    • Obtain written pre-approval for courses not listed above.
  • Train with the Red Cross or similar NGO, or deploy for disaster response - provide certificate of completion
  • Participate in a pre-approved FEMA-, CalOES-, or Red Cross-sponsored deployment. Request approval from Megan Stephenson before deployment.

The recurring CERT meetings listed below qualify for DSW renewal provided that a sign-in sheet is preserved to show individual attendance:

  • Monthly or quarterly CERT area meetings - Area Coordinators must archive sign-in sheets.
  • Weekly radio nets - CERT amateur radio group & net control must record and archive participation records. 
  • CERT bi-monthly city-wide refresher meetings.


    Form must be endorsed at bottom of page by a CERT volunteer authorized to administer loyalty oath 


    Report errors on this page to cert@walnut-creek.org


    Updated on 2019-06-13.