A message for CERT Members, regarding COVID-19

When disaster strikes, there won’t be enough police officers or firefighters to attend to every need.

That’s where CERT comes in.

CERT members go through about 20 hours of basic training, and then are sworn in as volunteer Disaster Service Workers for the City of Walnut Creek. They are trained to work together to safely respond to the needs of their neighborhoods following disaster, and to serve as the eyes and ears of the CIty’s Emergency Operations Center and first responders.

Walnut Creek CERT contributions go beyond disaster response. In the past few years CERTs have helped police search for missing minors, run welfare checks during planned power shutdowns, and distribute materials for safety alerts. And CERTs teach personal preparedness courses to the public.

CERT Mission Statement - Helping people help themselves prevent, prepare, and prevail in the event of an emergency.

CERT Basic Training:

Spring 2020 training classes have been postponed until Summer.

If used, the online training must be completed no more than 1 year before attending the classes for hands-on training. There is also a  graduation drill to practice newly learned CERT skills.

Pre-registration for classes is REQUIRED for new trainees. $25 program fee is due at class 1.

No registration required for returning students who need to make up classes or for CERTs who want to audit classes.  

Classes are open to minors 16 or 17 years old with parental/guardian permission - this signed waiver form is required at class 1 to participate - parental waiver for minor Spring 2020.

All trainees must submit these signed forms at class 1 to participate in training - Release & Waiver of Liability Agreement, & Disaster Service Worker registration. For the DSW policy click here.

How CERT Works In Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek has 8 CERT Areas, all stocked with emergency response supplies. CERT graduates are assigned to a CERT Area based on where they live. In the event of emergency, CERTs gather at their CERT Staging Area and work together as trained in the CERT Program.

map_CERT area


Want to know which CERT Area you live in? Go to the "Walnut Creek CERT Areas" page for our maps.

Walnut Creek CERT Code of Conduct 
All members of Walnut Creek CERT must abide by the Code of Conduct.

Walnut Creek CERT Leadership Team Meetings 
The Walnut Creek CERT Leadership Team meets the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the 3rd Floor Conference Room located at City Hall, 1666 North Main Street. These meetings are open to CERT Area Coordinators and subcommittee leads.

Walnut Creek CERT Strategic Plan For 2017-22
The CERT Strategic Plan 2017-2022 (PDF) is complete and available on our website. This plan lays out the priorities and goals for Walnut Creek CERT over a five-year period.

CERT Activation: Deployment Information
Curious about what to do in an emergency and how the call-out will look? CERT Mobilization Protocol Update 2017
If you didn't receive a text/email/phone call about a recent call-out or you want to update phone numbers and contact info email

CERT Handling Information From the Field in the CERT Command Post
The Information Handling system is designed to provide CERT Section Chiefs with situational awareness so they can optimally assign CERT volunteers to incidents and convey required intelligence to the City of Walnut Creek's Emergency Operations Center (EOC). To learn more, click here [PDF].


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Updated 2020-03-18.