EV Charging Stations

There are many programs offering funding to cover either the installation costs or EV charging station costs to install EV chargers, or both. These programs are often able to be combined with each other for deeper cost savings at workplaces, multifamily dwellings, destination sites, and more.

  • PG&E EV Charge Network: Workplaces and multi-unit dwellings can apply to receive discounts of 25%-100% on electric vehicle charging equipment. Learn more.

  • MCE is providing additional rebates for EV charging stations that can be combined with other programs to decrease the cost of EV infrastructure. Funding is available for 2 to 20 charging ports.

  • Electrify America is funding EV charging station infrastructure through a $2 billion investment. The program's second phase of funding will be announced soon.

  • The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is providing funding to cover the costs of EV charging stations and their installation. Applications for 2019 funding are being accepted now.

Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations near you: Input your address or zip code into this Department of Energy tool.