Business Energy Rebates

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, your sustainability agenda is the same: you're looking for what you can do to make your business greener and also save money. There are a number of rebate, incentive, and financing programs available to help businesses save energy and money. Always check for rebates and incentives before upgrading appliances and equipment.

Rebates, Incentives, and Programs

The Business Energy Services Team (BEST) Program has joined forces with the SmartLights (CESC) Program, and this new and improved program is called East Bay Energy Watch (EBEW). The new program, which serves an extended territory in both Contra Costa and Alameda counties, is designed to help small businesses reduce energy use and costs by offering free energy assessments and rebates for energy-efficient lighting, refrigeration, and more. The new EBEW Program is offered by PG&E, the East Bay Energy Watch Partnership, and DNV GL. To get started, contact the EBEW Program at 800-576-6405 or email the program administrator at Below is a list of Walnut Creek energy champions—businesses who have participated in this rebate program!

  • Testimonial from Walnut Creek Yacht Club:
    "Our business, the Walnut Creek Yacht Club, is a full-service restaurant. We were using a wide variety of inefficient lighting, some CFL and some standard incandescent bulbs, in a variety of wattages. We had been wanting to switch to LED lights to be more efficient. With the cost of these bulbs and the different light color outputs we needed it had always been too restrictive. Working with the BEST rebate program and the City of Walnut Creek, we were able to change out most of our interior and exterior lighting. The BEST program team was essential for working with the vendor to make sure we got the right color lighting for our dining room and helping to make sure the correct dimmers were installed. After it was all installed, the lighting looked great, better than what we had before. Thanks to the BEST program, we were able to get the vendor to help us get it right. We look forward to seeing savings in our energy bill too."

    WC Yacht Club Testimonial Photo

                                 -Kevin Weinberg, co-owner of Walnut Creek Yacht Club

  • The Food Service Technology Center promotes energy efficiency, water conservation, and performance in commercial foodservice. PG&E customers can request a free site survey by an energy analyst to identify energy-saving opportunities.

  • PG&E rebates and incentives It's easy to get money back for your business. Just purchase an approved energy-efficient product for your company and fill out a rebate application.


  • PG&E offers 0% interest loans for businesses doing energy efficiency upgrades.

  • PACE Financing allows property owners to finance energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy, and electric vehicle infrastructure upgrades to their properties by repaying the cost of the improvements through a voluntary assessment on their property tax bill.

Tips and Resources

  • Energy Star is a rating system to indicate how energy-efficient appliances are.

  • Energy Upgrade California™ is California’s go-to source for information on energy management, tips, and rebates.