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Sustainability Initiatives

The City of Walnut Creek has prioritized programs to make our operations and facilities more efficient. Notable sustainable initiatives include the following:

  • An energy audit of major facilities was conducted in 2017 to identify what efficiency and HVAC improvements would be best to make. Lighting and HVAC energy efficiency improvements to the City's three garages, Shadelands Art Center, the Gardens at Heather Farm, City Hall, and Lindsay Wildlife Center were identified. When complete, these upgrades will save $126,973 annually and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 355 metric tons per year.

  • New, solar-powered BigBelly recycling and trash containers were installed downtown. The solar cells power internal compactors, which help keep recycling and trash from overflowing and reduce the number of trips that trucks need to make to pick up waste. Fewer truck trips helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Five new electric vehicle chargers were installed in the City's downtown library garage in 2016.

  • Swapping out existing lighting in the library garage with motion sensor-equipped LED lights. When the garage is empty, the lights power down from 55 to 15 watts, with overall energy costs reduced by 65 percent.

  • Planting drought-tolerant Bermuda grass at the El Divisadero Park soccer field, reducing summer water consumption by 50 percent.

  • Replacing failing conventional roofs on City facilities with "cool roofs" that absorb less heat, reducing the amount of energy needed to cool the buildings on hot days.

  • Installing additional electric vehicle charging stations at City Hall and the Broadway garage, thanks to a federal grant.

  • Walnut Creek is the first city in the nation to use all-electric SmartCars for parking enforcement. To date, two gas-powered vehicles have been replaced with SmartCars.

  • Walnut Creek's street sweepers, dump trucks, backhoes, and other large Public Works vehicles now run on biodiesel.