Bicycle Maps & Parking     

  • Walnut Creek Bicycle Map
    The Walnut Creek Bicycle Map is a useful guide to anyone making a trip around town.  This map contains local resources and contact information to assist in your journey whether local or regional.

 Bike Map Image

  • Walnut Creek Open Space Trails Map
    The Walnut Creek Open Space Trails Map provides useful trailhead information, routes and elevations. If you're planning to walk or bike in the Walnut Creek Open Space Areas, this guide is useful and necessary.  Remember, bicycles are not allowed on every trail, so you'll want to confirm the route before the trip.
  • Bike Mapper
    511 Contra Costa has developed an innovative bike mapping system specially designed to find flat, safe, and fast routes anywhere in Contra Costa (with access to mapping for the entire Bay Area). Just enter your start and finish points, and the mapping system will show you the best bike route options!
  • BikeLink Electronic Lockers in Walnut Creek
    Aside from electronic bicycle lockers at the Walnut Creek BART and Pleasant Hill BART Stations, the City of Walnut Creek currently has four electronic bike lockers located in front of City Hall (1666 North Main Street) and two at the North Locust Parking Garage (next to the N California Blvd entrance). To use these secure, electronic lockers, users must first register and obtain a BikeLink card.  

Bicycle Plans

  • Walnut Creek Bicycle Master Plan 
    The Walnut Creek Bicycle Plan provides goals, policies and actions which promote cycling a desirable transportation alternative to the automobile. The plan addresses the many aspects of planning and infrastructure that affect bicycling in Walnut Creek. The adopted final version is dated August 2011.
  • Countywide Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan 
    In October 2009, the Authority adopted its first update to the Contra Costa Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The 2009 CBPP addresses a number of changes affecting walking and bicycling in Contra Costa that have taken place since adoption of the original CBPP in December 2003.
  • Olympic Corridor Trail Connector Study
    The Olympic Corridor Trail Connector Study is a planning effort that identified feasible alignments and a preferred alternative for a pedestrian/bicycle facility connecting two well-used, paved, multi-use regional trails in Contra Costa County, the Lafayette - Moraga Trail and the Iron Horse Trail. The Study was led by Contra Costa County and included the City of Walnut Creek and City of Lafayette. To download a copy of the Olympic Corridor Preferred Alignment Study, please click HERE.
  • Treat/I-680 Bike and Pedestrian Access Study
    The proposed project would provide a plan that identifies improvements to serve bicyclists and pedestrians using the Treat Boulevard/I-680 corridor between the Iron Horse Trail, through the Interstate-680 (I-680) over-crossing ("over-crossing") near the Contra Costa Centre/Pleasant Hill BART station area, and extending west to Geary Road/North Main Street in the City of Walnut Creek. The I-680/Treat Boulevard over-crossing is one of the main arteries into the Contra Costa Centre/Pleasant Hill BART station area from areas of Walnut Creek west of the freeway. The Study is currently being developed by Contra Costa County in partnership with the City of Walnut Creek.


Bicycle Resources, Safety and Education

  • East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD)
    The East Bay Regional Park District offers trails, interpretive and recreation programs, other activities and indoor/outdoor rental facilities in parks spanning Alameda and Contra Costa counties. The East Bay Regional Park District maintains several facilities in Walnut Creek, including the Iron Horse Regional Trail and Contra Costa Canal Regional Trail. For rules and regulations on the local trails and for a complete list of multipurpose trails in the area, click HERE.