Standard Plans

Building Division Standard Plans & Details

Building Division Standard Plans & Details

SFD-2 s1 Standard Foundation Detail - Slab On Grade [PDF]
SFD-2 s2 Standard Foundation Detail - Pier & Grade Beam [PDF]


Public Works Standard Plans

Storm Drain Details [PDF]
SD-1 Type 1 Catch Basin
SD-2 Deleted
SD-3 Catch Basin on Manhole Base
SD-4 Catch Basin Warping Details
SD-5 Storm Drain Manholes (Types A, B, C, and D)
SD-6 Manhole Frame and Cover
SD-7 Reinforced Concrete Pipe Collar
SD-8 Sidewalk Cross Drains
SD-9 Side Connection
Concrete Construction [PDF]
CC-1 Standard Curb, Gutter, & Sidewalk
CC-2 Residential Driveway Approach
CC-3 Commercial Driveway Approach
CC-4 Concrete Valley Gutter
CC-5 Construction Joints
CC-6 Weakened Plane Joints & Score Lines
CC-7 Curb Ramp Details
CC-8 Curb Ramp and Island Passageway Details
CC-9 Truncated Domes

Traffic Details [PDF]
TS-1 Pavement Undulation Standards
TS-2 Standard Median Tapers
TS-3 Standard Median Flares
TS-4 Standard Steel Beam Barricade
TS-5 Traffic Signal Mounting
TS-6 Street Name Sign Location
TS-7 Parking Meter Pole Installation
TS-8 Street Name Signs
TS-9 Parking Sign & Pole Installation
TS-10 Large Street Name Signs
TS-11 Deleted
TS-12 Mast Arm Sign Mounting Bracket
TS-13 Warning Sign Size Chart
TS-14 Deleted
TS-15 Deleted
TS-16-1 Typical Lane Closure, Four-Lane Roads
TS-16-2 Typical Lane Closure , Left Turn Lanes
TS-16-3 Types of Tapers & Buffer Spaces
TS-16-4 Typical Lane Closures, Notes
TS-16-5 Typical Lane Closure, Legends & Notes
TS-17 Deleted
TS-18-1 Type P & Type M Traffic Signal Controller Cabinet
TS-18-2 Signal Pull Box
TS-19 Traffic Signal Interconnect Cable Termination Block Wiring Diagram
TS-20 Deleted
TS-21 Loop Detectors
TS-22-1 Type III Panel
TS-22-2 Service Equipment Type III AF Details
TS-22-3 Service Equipment Type III AF Notes
TS-23 Commercial Street Light
TS-24 Residential Street Light Pole & Base
TS-25 Decorative Downtown Street Light
TS-26 Parking Tee Standard
TS-27 Accessible Parking On-Street
TS-28 Accessible Parking Off-Street Details/Notes

Miscellaneous [PDF]
MS-1 Trench Backfill & Resurfacing
MS-2 Standard Street Monument
MS-3 Tree Staking in Landscape Areas
MS-4 Tree Well Cover Frame, Grate, & Staking
MS-5 Slope Rounding Details
MS-6 Sidewalk Pavers
MS-7 Roadway Crosswalk Pavers