When is a Site Development Permit Required

A Site Development Permit is required for grading, drainage, street improvements, site improvements, parking lot modifications, and any landscaping required by the Design Review Commission. (Municipal Code 9-9 [PDF])

More particularly, a Site Development Permit [PDF] is required for:

  • Any grading over 50 cubic yards, fill over 1 foot deep under structures, over 3 feet deep outside structures or cuts over 3 feet in vertical height,
  • Retaining Walls over 3 feet in height above lowest adjacent grade or retaining walls supporting a surcharge (click here [PDF] for more information on whether your retaining wall [PDF] requires a permit),
  • Alteration of any drainage course between properties,
  • New or Modified Commercial Parking Lots including paving, curb, sidewalk, drainage facilities, lighting, signing, and striping and Off Street Parking Standards[PDF], and/or
  • Landscaping and Irrigation as required by the Design Review Commission.

What You Need To Obtain A Site Development Permit

  • Complete and submit a Site Development Permit application.
  • Submit four sets of plans and two sets of calculations and supporting documents prepared by a licensed engineer or landscape architect.
  • Provide a plan check deposit. Plan check time will be billed on an hourly basis.
  • Following approval of your plans, pay the Site Development Permit fees and security deposit and attend a preconstruction meeting with City staff.
  • The Site Development Permit Brochure [PDF] contains more information on the submittal and plan requirements.

Additional Site Development requirements

Any Site Development Permit that includes any work in the public right-of-way will also require an Encroachment Permit. For example: installation or repair of sidewalk, curb and/or gutter, driveway approach, installation of sidewalk underdrain, installation of sewer lateral, and any construction or staging requiring traffic or pedestrian control. Work within the public right-of-way shall conform to the City Standard Plans.

Stormwater treatment may be required on new development projects that create or replace 10,000 square feet of impervious surface. The treatment requirement is a part of Provision C.3 of the City's municipal NPDES permit.

Any tree greater than 9 inches in diameter at chest height is subject to the City's tree preservation ordinance.