Preliminary Review Team (PRT)

The Preliminary Review Team (PRT) process is an internal staff review provided by the City as a courtesy to potential applicants who desire informal feedback prior to application submittal. It is not a prerequisite to formal application submittal nor is it intended to be a substitute for or to supersede the normal development/project review process. The PRT focuses on basic issues.  There is a flat fee for the preliminary review of multi-unit/-family and commercial development. There is no charge for the initial review of a single family dwelling.

Outside agencies, such as the fire, sanitary, flood control, and water districts do not participate in the PRT process. The City recommends that you contact each agency directly to obtain their comments.


  • A better understanding of submittal requirements and the review process
  • Identification of potential project conflicts with City codes and guidelines prior to formal application
  • Cost savings since you will have the opportunity to refine drawings prior to formal submittal
  • Time savings due to the reduced likelihood of incomplete submittal of the formal application
  • Receipt of a general timeline for planning, engineering and building processing
  • Receipt of City department contact names for submittal assistance


The Preliminary Review Team meets every Tuesday morning. Depending on scheduled holidays, applications submitted by 5 PM Wednesday are typically reviewed by the PRT the following Tuesday. The Planning staff strives to email written PRT comments to the applicant within a week after the meeting date. Applicants may request a follow-up meeting to discuss the comments and recommendations.


Comments provided by City staff during the PRT process will address the following:
1. Consistency with the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance
2. Identification of ordinances, standards and policies applicable to the project such as development standards, design guidelines and the Tree Preservation Ordinance
3. Appropriateness of the land use or intensity of development
4. General design comments relative to basic site layout, circulation patterns, building architecture and grading
5. General engineering, transportation and building requirements pertaining to on-site and off-site improvements, frontage improvements, site drainage requirements, vehicle and pedestrian circulation

 PRT Application Form