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Tenant/Landlord Resources

Information on this page shall not be interpreted as legal advice.

The City does not generally regulate or enforce limits on rents (except for projects under contract with the City).

Services and Resources

ECHO (Eden Council for Hope and Opportunity) Housing provides Fair Housing ServicesTenant/Landlord Services, as well as other home-buying education and seeking services. The City of Walnut Creek will refer most tenant/landlord cases to ECHO Housing.

"ECHO's Tenant/Landlord Counseling Program provides information to tenants and landlords on their housing rights and responsibilities.  Additionally, ECHO has trained mediators to assist in resolving housing disputes through conciliation and mediation. The primary objective of the program is to build awareness of housing laws and prevent homelessness."

Contra Costa Senior Legal Services (CCSLS) has been dedicated to protecting seniors' rights and providing free legal services to older residents of Contra Costa for over 40 years. CCSLS offers programs such as legal services, elder abuse prevention, and homeownership protection, among other areas of need.

New Housing Laws of 2019

In October 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom signed 18 new housing legislation bills that go into effect January 1, 2020. Four (4) relate to tenants' rights and landlord duties.

Assembly Bill 1482

Among those bills is Assembly Bill 1482 - Tenant Protection Act of 2019, which sets limits on rent increases and enacts “just cause eviction” requirements. 

Bill Text - AB-1482 Tenant Protection Act of 2019 

AB 1482 Article by Attorney Jon Goetz

The author of the Assembly Bill has a Frequently Asked Questions page about the new bill. Answers to these questions should be taken as information, not as legal advice.

Senate Bill 329

Senate Bill 329 adds to the existing California Fair Employment and Housing Act, and prohibits landlords from discriminating against tenants with Section 8 Vouchers or other public assistance and/or subsidies.

Bill Text - SB 329: Discrimination: Housing: Source of Income

If you are in need of a Section 8 Voucher or want more information about housing vouchers, please visit the Housing Authority of the County of Contra Costa website.

Senate Bill 18

Senate Bill 18 requires landlords to provide tenants under a month-to-month lease a 90 days written notice to quit if the property is sold in foreclosure.

Bill Text - SB 18: Keep Californians Housed Act

Assembly Bill 1110

Assembly Bill 1110 requires a 90 day notice to tenants if a landlord with month-to-month tenancy increases the rent by more than 10%.

Bill Text - AB 1110: Rent Increases: Noticing