Home Rehabilitation & Emergency Repair


The City contracts with Habitat for Humanity to provide low-interest home rehabilitation loans and emergency repair grants to lower income Walnut Creek home-owners for the purpose of improving their Walnut Creek home. This program is funded by the Community Development Block Grant program through the federal Housing and Urban Development Department.

How to apply

Habitat for Humanity administers the City's Rehabilitation and Emergency Repair program. For more information on the program or on how to apply, please view the flyer and Habitat for Humanity's webpage for more details. To contact Habitat for Humanity East Bay/ Silicon Valley, please call (510) 803-3388 or email homerepair@habitatebsv.org.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  1. Home to be occupied by owner as primary residence throughout the period of the loan.
  2. For rehabilitation loans, household income not to exceed 85% of Area Median Income (AMI). For the emergency grants, household income cannot exceed 85% of Area Median Income.
  3. Owner must not be able to qualify for an equivalent, affordable market rate loan.
  4. Dwelling to be located in residential or mixed use zoning districts (within Walnut Creek corporate boundaries) and must have been legally constructed.
  5. Dwelling is in a condition such that rehabilitation within the scope of this program will bring the unit to a safe and habitable condition.
  6. Project will result in no more that an 85% loan to home value after rehabilitation.
  7. Emergency grants may be approved by the program administrator for households whose incomes do not exceed 80% of AMI and who meet 1 and 4 above, for emergency health and safety problems only.

Funding Criteria

  1. City/Agency to provide up to $65,000 per approved loan.
  2. Amortized loans are subject to 1% simple interest with a 20-year term, except that the loan shall be paid off sooner if the home is sold or transferred. Deferred loans are due at the time the home is sold or transferred. Underlying mortgages may be refinanced to reduce interest rates or spread out payments of (then) existing loan balance plus closing costs, without triggering payback requirements.
  3. Loans may be amortized or deferred, depending on the need of the borrower, as determined by the program administrator.
  4. Emergency grants shall be permitted up to $20,000 per home.

Loan Program Content

  1. Health and safety hazards will be given top priority for consideration in the program.
  2. Loan funds may be used for various improvements, but are required to fall under the category of health and safety, property maintenance, functional obsolescence, energy efficiency, or removal of architectural barriers for the disabled. Common repairs permitted under this loan program include, but are not limited to: new roofs and gutters; insulation; central heating; remodeled kitchens and baths; electrical and plumbing upgrades; painting, ramps; grab bars; concrete or deck repair; and solar electric systems/rooftop solar.