Outdoor Dining and Retail Display

This strategy allows restaurants, retailers and service providers to use outdoor, public space for dining and display of retail items.

Street closures and operations in both private and public parking spaces to expand dining and retail display in outdoor areas, to allow for physical distancing.  


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Setting up your temporary outdoor dining space is simple, quick and free.  Just follow these simple steps: 


Public Parking Space "POP-UP"

Private Parking Lot or Hardscape Area
Step 1: Review Guidebook
Step 1: Submit Application 

Outdoor Dining

Step 1: Review Do's and Don'ts

Step 2: Submit Authorization form

Step 2:  Submit email request to Rebound@walnut-creek.org
Step 2: Submit Temporary Encroachment Permit and insurance

Outdoor Retail Display

Step 1: Review Do's and Don'ts

Step 2: Submit Authorization Form

Step 3: Complete and submit Temporary Encroachment Permit . Submit insurance certificate and sketch of proposed build-out (per Guidebook) also to Rebound@walnut-creek.org

Step 4: When ALL documents are received, they will be submitted to Traffic Engineering for approval. If approved, traffic barriers will be placed by Engineering. AFTER barriers are placed, you may begin build-out of your temporary pop-up.



Check the Alcoholic Beverage Control website for the latest information on permitting.  Additional permits are required for outdoor dining in public and private spaces. Click here for ABC FAQ's.