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In order to help meet the State required 65% reduction in landfill waste, the City of Walnut Creek has initiated a construction and demolition materials recycling program.  These requirements are applicable to all "Covered Projects", which are defined as projects for which:


  • Demolition is equal to or greater than 300 square feet of surface area, and/or
  • Existing residential buildings where the addition or alteration increase the buildings conditioned area, volume, or size 
  • Any non residential additions and/or alterations 

Green Halo Systems is an option to manage the Waste Management Program.  Green Halo is a web-based service where you can establish, monitor and document your waste management plan and compliance online.  For customers who do not have access to a computer, Green Halo can set up your account over the phone.  Visit or call 1-888-525-1301 for details.

The selected method shall be used throughout the project.

These documents will assist you when participating in the Waste Management Program.