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  • drop of water

    Water Conservation Rebates

    Saving water saves you money and reduces the energy used to treat it.

    10/24/2019 2:33 PM

  • green home

    LEED-Certified Library

    The downtown library is the city’s first publicly owned LEED building.

    10/24/2019 11:54 AM

  • report

    Sustainability Initiatives

    See the many sustainability initiatives at City facilities.

    10/24/2019 11:46 AM

  • bus

    Free Rides

    Utilize free public transit options available to residents and visitors.

    10/24/2019 11:11 AM

  • solar panel

    Solar Incentives

    Get a 30% tax credit and explore financing options for going solar.

    10/24/2019 9:55 AM

  • MCE deep green

    MCE Discounted Customers

    Low-income customers can upgrade to cleaner electricity at a discount.

    10/24/2019 8:46 AM

  • electric vehicle

    EV Incentives

    Save big with rebates, incentives, and tax credits for choosing an EV.

    10/24/2019 8:21 AM

  • green home

    Join the Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge

    Join your neighbors in a friendly competition to lower emissions!

    10/24/2019 8:13 AM

  • MCE deep green

    Choose 100% Renewable Electricity

    All City-owned facilities now use 100% renewable electricity!

    10/24/2019 8:11 AM

  • solar panel

    Go Solar and Save

    Check out our solar resources!

    10/24/2019 8:06 AM

  • cloud

    Take the Idle Free Pledge

    Save money, reduce pollution, and breathe easier just by turning a key!

    10/24/2019 8:00 AM

  • report

    Climate Action Plan

    We're taking action to benefit tomorrow and adapt to today.

    10/23/2019 4:10 PM

  • electricity

    Community Choice Energy

    MCE is a clean electricity provider offering competitive rates.

    10/23/2019 3:55 PM

  • Car for NEWS

    Volunteer Drivers Needed

    You can help Walnut Creek seniors get where they need to go! The Senior Transportation Program offers over 3,000 rides per year thanks to volunteer drivers.

    09/16/2019 10:30 AM

  • Idle Free test3

    Take the Idle Free Pledge

    Save money, reduce air pollution, and help everyone breathe easier just by turning a key! Turn off your car engine if you’ll be sitting for more than 30 seconds at a car wash, drive-thru or pick up spot. Sign the online pledge here for

    09/12/2019 1:51 PM

  • Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge

    Join the Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge

    Join your neighbors to lower emissions!

    09/05/2019 11:26 AM