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Virtual Classes

Join us for virtual classes you can do in the comfort of your own home or backyard!


Summer virtual offerings coming soon!



Health & Fitness

Virtual Abs and Back
with Jo Nash

Get your core and back in shape! Everyone should have a strong stomach and back to stay healthy and be fit. You will need a yoga mat and be able to get on the floor. Those who cannot be on their knees can modify when needed. Isolation, isotonic and isometric movements will be performed.

 Level  Dates  Day  Time  Fee/Sessions  Registration Link
 Beginning  6/2 - 7/7  Tuesday  11-11:45am  $48/6  24604
 Beginning  6/4 - 7/9  Thursday  11-11:45am  $48/6  27086
 Beginning  7/14 - 8/25  Tuesday  11-11:45am  $56/7  27088
 Beginning  7/16 - 8/27  Thursday  11-11:45am  $56/7  27090
 Advanced  6/2 - 7/7  Tuesday  10-10:45am  $48/6  27117
 Advanced  6/4 - 7/9  Thursday  10-10:45am  $48/6  27119
 Advanced  7/14-8/25  Tuesday  10-10:45am  $56/7  27118
 Advanced  7/16 - 8/27  Thursday  10-10:45am  $56/7  27120


Virtual High Intensity/Low Impact Training for Mature Adults
with Michael D. Lee

High-impact exercises like burpees, jumping jacks and other exercises that get both feet off the ground simultaneously can help to build strength and endurance and shed fat quickly. However, mature adults need a workout that puts less stress on the joints while still burning calories and increasing flexibility especially while we’re stuck at home. A new trend called High Intensity/Low Impact Training (HILIT) relies on some of the same strategies of elevating heart rate and incorporating intervals for intense calorie burn but the movements. Bring a yoga mat, towel and pair of 1 to 3 lb. hand weights.

 Dates  Day  Time  Fee/Sessions  Registration Link
 6/3 - 7/8  Wednesday  10-10:40am  $48/6  27021
 7/15 - 8/19  Wednesday  10-10:40am  $48/6  27127

Virtual Senior Fitness
with Carolynne Levers

Low impact exercise for men and women. Enhance flexibility, strength, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, and balance.  Muscle toning with light weights. For class you will need a clear space to move around, free from any tripping hazards or distractions. We will use hand weights (you can improvise with cans, water bottles, maybe even your fists), body weight and a STURDY chair (preferably without arm rests), and a 9" ball. They are available for purchase for $6.00 payable to instructor.

 Dates  Day  Time  Fee/Sessions  Registration Link
 6/1 - 6/29 (no class 6/8)  Monday  10:30-11:30am  $26/4  27121
 6/2 - 6/30  Tuesday  10:30-11:30am  $33/5  27094
 6/3 - 6/24  Wednesday  10:30-11:30am  $26/4  27095
 6/4 - 6/25  Thursday  10:30-11:30am  $26/4  27096
 7/1 - 7/29 (no class 7/15)  Wednesday  10:30-11:30am  $26/4  27124
 7/2 - 7/30 (no class 7/9, 7/16)  Thursday  10:30-11:30am  $20/3  27125
 7/6-7/27 (no class 7/13)  Monday  10:30-11:30am  $20/3  27122
 7/7 - 7/28 (no class 7/14)  Tuesday  10:30-11:30am  $20/3  27123


Virtual Strength Training for Active Adults
with Michael D. Lee

Lifting weights can prevent and even reverse muscle loss as we age. This class uses simple body weight, band and light free weight exercises to help lose body fat, decrease blood pressure and maintain long-term independence. Bring a yoga mat, towel and pair of 1 to 3 lb.

 Dates  Day  Time  Fee/Sessions  Registration Link
 6/3 - 7/8  Wednesday  9-9:40am  $48/6  24304
 7/15 - 8/19  Wednesday  9-9:40am  $48/6  27126


Virtual Zumba for Beginners
with Jo Nash

Zumba is fun! It's different, it's effective, and it's an aerobic workout. Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a fun experience. You'll forget you're exercising!

 Dates  Day  Time  Fee/Sessions  Registration Link
 6/1 - 7/6  Monday  4-4:45pm  $48/6  24601
 6/3 - 7/8  Wednesday  11:30am-12:15pm  $48/6  24599
 6/5 - 7/10 (no class 7/3)  Friday  11-11:45am  $40/5  24559
 7/13 - 8/24  Monday  4-4:45pm  $56/7  27087
 7/15 - 8/26  Wednesday  11:30am-12:15pm  $56/7  27089
 7/17 - 8/28 (no class 7/24)  Friday  11-11:45am  $48/6  27091


Virtual Gentle Exercise
with Ziv Porat

Increase your mobility, vitality and well-being. Improve your flexibility and range of motion through mild yoga stretches. Tone your muscles with easy strength exercises. Get in touch with your body through movement-awareness. Tune the nervous system through conscious relaxation. Increase your vitality with deep breathing. This class is designed to accommodate all, from the fit to the frail. The exercises can be done sitting or standing.

 Dates  Day  Time  Fee/Sessions  Registration Link
 6/5 - 7/17 (no class 7/3)  Friday  1-2pm  $51/6  24050
 7/24 - 8/28  Friday  1-2pm  $51/6  24051


Virtual Mat Stretch & Relax
with Jo Nash

Relax your body and mind through this gentle Stretch and Relax class. This class is designed to relieve stress and help increase flexibility.  Breathing techniques will also be a part of how we move our body and help hold different positions. Be ready with your mat and a quiet place to enjoy class together.

 Dates  Day  Time  Fee/Sessions  Registration Link
 6/5 - 7/10 (no class 7/3)  Friday  10-10:45am  $40/5  27084
 7/17 - 8/28 (no class 7/24)  Friday  10-10:45am  $48/6  27085


Virtual Zumba®
with Janice Litvin

Join Janice, 10-year Zumba veteran with Walnut Creek Recreation as she takes you on a fun fitness journey for one hour, dancing to sizzling Latin and world beats.

 Dates  Day  Time  Fee/Sessions  Registration Link
 6/2 - 6/30  Tuesday  7-8pm  $25/5  27151


Virtual Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement
with Sensible Movement

This class is for anyone who wants to move well and feel fantastic. Classes designed to stimulate brain/mind function, coordination, and physical strength. You will use your body and brain to feel younger, stronger and fit! Slow, easy movements progress to complex active movements. Please dress comfortably and bring a big towel and pillow

 Dates  Day  Time  Fee/Sessions  Registration Link
 6/15 - 7/27  Monday  3:30-4:20pm  $84/7  27155



Virtual-French for Beginners and Continued Beginners
with Lori Hope Izabelle

Delve into the French language and its culture with tried and true methods, games and specific learning techniques designed to get you comfortable and confident in speaking and understanding.

 Level  Dates  Day  Time  Fee/Sessions  Registration Link
 Beginners  6/11 - 7/2  Thursday  3-4pm  $64/4  27153
 Continued Beginners  6/11 - 7/2  Thursday  5-6pm  $64/4  27152


Virtual Fun with Drums & Percussion
with Lori Hope Izabelle

Spring into Rhythm! Join us for some drumming & percussion to brighten your spirit and bring more rhythm, music and community to your life! Zoom in with us for an online session of African Drum & Rhythm Classes covering techniques, specific rhythms, stories and much more, including some rhythm games, songs and movement! The Zoom platform is a great way to connect with your fellow students, and work on timing and technique... all from the comfort of your home! All you need is a drum... any drum will do! Recordings of the class will be furnished.

 Dates  Day  Time  Fee/Sessions  Registration Link
 6/11 - 7/2  Thursday  1:30-2:30pm  $64/4  27154


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