Park Policies & Regulations

  1. Facility Hours. The Park Facilities are open from dawn to dusk. There is no picnic use before dawn or after dark.
  2. Noise. Amplified music or speaking may not be audible more than 50 feet from the source (WCMC 4-6.203A).
  3. No vehicles. No vehicles are permitted on park paths or turf for loading or unloading (WCMC 11-1.515).
  4. Special equipment. The Licensee must notify the City beforehand of any special equipment (large BBQs, trailers, tables, etc.), and it must be carried, not driven, onto the turf. Please advise your caterer of this limitation. If you bring a BBQ, pack out coals in your own container (small aluminum trash can with lid, from hardware store); do not dump coals on the ground or around trees.
  5. Jump houses/inflatables. Jump houses/inflatables are not permitted in the park (WCMC 11-1.201 and 11-1.402). 
  6. Alcohol. Consumption of beer and wine (only) is permitted in Heather Farm Park, but is prohibited in all other City Parks. An alcohol permit is not required for group picnic reservations. An alcohol permit is required for special events. Alcohol may not be served to minors.
  7. No stakes. Stakes may not be used to hold down canopies; they will damage the shallow turf irrigation system. Alternatives: adhere canopy to cooler, sand bags, or water buckets.
  8. No glass. Glass (bottles, beverage glasses, etc.) is not allowed in the parks.
  9. Trash and recycling. Do not move City garbage cans; make prior arrangements for extra trash cans if you will need them. The City encourages recycling and recycling containers are available in the park.
  10. Signs. Do not place signs on trees, shrubs, City signs or poles; use an A-frame or sandwich board.
  11. Trees. Do not use staples, wire, ribbon, nails, etc. on trees.
  12. No horseshoes. Horseshoe activity is prohibited, excepted at designated horseshoe pits at Larkey Park, as it damages the turf.
  13. Pets. Leash laws are in effect in all City parks and dogs are not allowed on any City athletic fields (WCMC 11-1.507).
  14. No Commercial Enterprises. No person shall practice, carry on, or conduct any business or profession or other commercial enterprise nor sell or offer for sale any service, merchandise, article, or anything whatsoever in any park except by permit issued by the Director and subject to all other provisions of this Code (WCMC 11-1.511).
  15. Wildlife. Park guests may not feed the ducks and geese (WCMC 11-1.506).