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Keeping Arts + Rec Safe  

All Arts + Rec programs will follow these core safety guidelines. For detailed information on protocols for individual programs, please see information below.

  • Protective masks required for adult participants and staff* 

  • Daily wellness checks and temperature screenings for participants and staff 

  • Physical distancing measures in place

  • Strict handwashing procedures in place

  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of spaces 

  • Dedicated custodial team for cleaning and sanitation 

  • Hand sanitizer readily available 

  • Contact-free registration and ticket purchasing available

  • Soft barriers at all guest-facing stations 

*Youth participants have the option to wear masks based on their age and comfort level. 


Health and Safety Practices and Protocols 

Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

Staff, participants, patrons are required to wear protective masks or scarves covering the nose and mouth when entering our facilities and / or participating in programs. Masks and scarves are to be worn for the entire time while patrons and participants are in the facility and / or participating in a program.  Individuals that choose not to wear a mask or scarf will not be allowed to enter our facility or participate in our program. Please note: N95 respirators, with an exhalation valve (or one-way vent) do not meet the requirement for masks. 

Staff is required to wear gloves when handling food, cleaning and sanitizing, or during identified program activities.  


Contact-free Purchasing & Soft Barriers at Front Desks 

All registration and ticket purchasing is available contact-free.  Soft barriers are at all front desk counters / ticketing office areas for further protection of guests / participants and staff.  Online or phone registration and ticket purchase is also available and encouraged. Guests and participants are encouraged to bring their own pens for use. 


Required Physical Distancing 

Staff, participants, and patrons will be required to physically distance by at least 6 feet while in our facilities and / or participating in programs. Please refer to the physical markers when waiting to enter our facilities. In the case where physical markers are not present, participants are asked to distance themselves from other participants by at least 6 feet.  


Required Hand Washing  & Access to Hand Sanitizer 

Regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is required of all staff while at work. Hand washing with soap and water is strongly encouraged of participants and patrons while participating in our facilities or participating in programs. Hand sanitizer will be readily available for staff, patrons, and participants in our facilities.  


Wellness Checks and Temperature Screenings 

Staff, participants, and patrons are required to be screened each time they attend work or an Arts + Rec program.   

Daily screening includes:  

  • Staff, participant, or patron will take their temperature at home or upon arrival at the facility.  

  • Staff, participant, or patron will confirm that they do not have a fever, shortness of breath or cough before entering the facility. 

  • Designated staff person will make a visual inspection of each staff, participant, or patron for signs of illness which could include flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or difficulty breathing (without recent physical activity), fatigue, or extreme fussiness. 

Staff, participant, or patron with a fever of 100.40 (38.00C) or above or other signs of illness will not be admitted into our facility. We encourage all staff, participants, and patrons to be on the alert for signs of illness and stay home when they are sick.  

Youth Programs - The following steps will be taken in the case that a child does not feel well or becomes sick at a youth program: 

  • Parent / guardian will be called to come and pick up child as soon as possible 

  • Isolate child who is not feeling well from other children until they can be sent home. Designated staff member will accompany child until parents / guardians arrive and child can be sent home. 

  • Designated staff member will clean and disinfect any spaces or items after child has gone home.  

Arts + Rec staff will monitor absenteeism for children and staff.  


Daily Cleanings 

Staff will clean spaces and surfaces throughout the day including between programs and events. This includes cleaning and sanitizing tables, chairs, and other materials before and after each event, class, or program. Materials that are used for events, classes, and programs will be set aside to be cleaned for use. Staff will wipe down the bathroom throughout the day.  

Custodial will clean and sanitize each program or event space each evening including the floors, countertops, doors, doorknobs, bathrooms, sinks, light switches, elevator buttons, and trash receptacles.  

Additional Procedures for Youth Programs:  

We will be putting away stuffed animals and play clothes that cannot be easily sanitized until further notice. Our staff will be extra mindful of toys and other materials that are place in a child’s mouth or may accidentally get other fluids on during use. Staff will be placing these items in a bin / sink to be washed and sanitized throughout the day.  


Stable Groups for Classes and Camps 

Arts + Rec will have stable groups of participants for adult classes and youth classes and camps. Groups of classes will remain stable with a consistent instructor for the program period.  

Adult Programs 
Adult classes and programs will be reduced to 12 participants per class or program in order to meet the current standards that have been set by Contra Costa Health Services. Participants are expected to physically distance.  

Preschool / Early Childhood Programs
Preschool and early childhood groups will reduce class sizes to 10 children per class in order to meet the current standards that have been set by Community Care Licensing. This number is anticipated to increase throughout the year – we will continue to follow the standards that are set by Licensing. Children and teachers within a classroom are expected to physically distance as much as possible. 

Day Camps
Day Camps will be reduced to 12 campers per “pod” in order to meet the current standards that have been set by Contra Costa Health Services. Camps and instructors in a pod are expected to physically distance as much as possible.  

Substitutes for Youth Classes
If a teacher or camp counselor is out sick, a substitute teacher will assist in the classroom. Substitute teachers will not work with more than one class per day.  


Modified Activities 

Youth classes will include modified activities that continue to allow children to play and explore each day and encourage physical distancing. Whenever possible, participants will use their own materials as shared materials will not be encouraged.  

Please refer to guidelines and procedures for specific youth programs for more details.  


Modified Program Spaces 

Classrooms and program spaces will be modified to help participants physically distance when participating in programs. This includes designated spaces for participants in class, adjusted spaces between seats, and or other modifications as needed.  

Whenever possible, windows and doors will be opens to allow fresh air into classrooms and / or program spaces.  


Program Specific Guidelines

Day Camps FAQ

Community Arts Summer Preschool FAQ

Please refer to specific program guides for further details on modified practices and procedures.