2012 Citizen Survey

The 2012 National Citizen Survey was conducted in Walnut Creek in January 2012 to measure citizen satisfaction with City services and to identify community and service strength and weaknesses.

2000 households were selected at random by the National Citizen Survey (a collaboration of the National Research Center and the International County/City Management Association - ICMA). The response rate was 37 percent.

Overall responses were very positive, including:
  • 96 percent rated "overall quality of life in Walnut Creek" as excellent or very good
  • 97 percent said they would recommend living in Walnut Creek to someone who asks
  • 93 percent plan to stay in Walnut Creek for the next five years

Residents were surveyed on a variety of community characteristics (such as housing options, traffic and parking, quality of new development, and opportunities to participate in cultural and recreational activities). In addition, residents were asked to rate the quality of a range of services (such as police, street cleaning, services to youth and seniors, and library services).

The National Citizen Survey also looks at how Walnut Creek ranks in relation to the other cities participating in the survey. Of the 34 services for which comparisons were available, 32 were above the benchmark comparison, one (traffic signal timing) was similar, and one (services to low-income people) was below.

PDFs of the Survey reports are below: