Community Surveys

The City conducts community surveys from time to time, gauging citizen satisfaction with City services, and seeking input on community priorities. 

You can view results below from the most recent surveys, which include similar themes and questions to allow the City to identify trends, measure successes and scope challenges where we need to do more work.

Thank you to those of you who participated in the most recent 2019 community survey.  The survey found nine out of ten respondents rated the quality of life in Walnut Creek as excellent or good; residents feel safe, appreciate our parks and open space, and approve of the City's economic health and governance.  Areas of challenge?  Not surprisingly, affordable housing and the cost of living are still issues that cause concern.

City staff and the City Council take survey results into consideration while forming policies, programs and delivering services. 


2019 Community Survey

2017 Community Survey

2015 Community Survey