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What is the Citizens Institute?

This Citizen's Institute consists of seven evening and one Saturday morning sessions in which citizens:

  • Learn first-hand how the City works
  • Meet and get to know their neighbors, City officials, and City employees
  • Gain an improved awareness of available City services and community resources
  • Discover opportunities to be involved with their local government

Sessions generally run from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. and are held at City Hall, or in certain cases other City facilities as noted on the schedule.

Cost is $25, payable first day of class, with cash or a check made payable to "City of Walnut Creek."

Who participates?

Anyone who lives or works in Walnut Creek (including unincorporated Walnut Creek) and has an interest in local government is invited to sign up for the Institute. Classes are designed for 30-35 students to encourage discussion, involvement, and interaction. 

Information from last year's Institute sessions are listed below.    

How can I get involved in the 2020 session?  

Register your email address in the box at the top of this page where it reads "Sign Up for Email Updates."  When dates are determined for the 2020 session, people who are registered for updates will receive an email with the application details.

What Topics Are Covered?

Understanding the Big Picture -- Meet the City Manager and the Mayor

Evolution of a City -- The Role of Community & Economic Development

Walnut Creek Police Department -- Get to know the WCPD

Keeping Things Running Smoothly -- Tour the Public Works Corp Yard and learn about the wide array of Public Works functions, from managing parks to repairing streets.  

Enhancing the Quality of Life in Walnut Creek -- Get a behind the scenes tour of the Lesher Center and learn about the diverse recreational opportunities in Walnut Creek.

Money Matters -- Learn how the City manages its budget and finances in a very interactive session.

Getting From Here to There -- and our Future Path --  See a demonstration of the high-tech Traffic Signal Master and learn how the City of Walnut Creek manages parking and encourages alternate forms of mobility.  You'll walk away knowing how Walnut Creek is keeping ahead of the innovation curve.

Neighborhood Showcase/Bus Tour & Graduation Celebration - Share your knowledge and “tour-guide” skills while describing the history & highlights of your neighborhood. Learn about all the diverse neighborhoods in Walnut Creek. Enjoy Graduation Celebration - food, party, and conversation!