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Walnut Creek residents, your time to complete the Census is here

You should have received your letter from the US Census Bureau by now explaining how you can fill out the 2020 Census online, by phone, or by requesting a paper form if you would prefer.  However you fill out the form, please know that now -- more than ever -- it is vital that you participate in the 2020 count.  If you do not receive a letter with your personal ID number, you can still complete the Census form online.  The Census form is available online now.

The current situation involving the coronavirus only points out how imperative it is to receive the federal funding we are owed to improve social services and health services critically important at times like this.

Find out more about the Census in this Fact Sheet.

Help us spread the word.  Community groups are welcome to share the message with your partners. View a sample "spread the word" document here.

You can also get additional details by visiting the County's Complete Count Committee's website.

Why participate in the Census?

Because it is Important

The Census determines the number of Representatives each state has in Congress and possible redraws of district boundaries. Census data is used to distribute billions of dollars in Federal and State funding. Being counted brings those resources back to our Walnut Creek community

Because it is Easy

The Census form includes nine questions about each person’s age, gender, race, and relationship to householder. It should take about 10 minutes to fill out, more if there are more people living in the home.

In 2020, you will be able to fill out the census form online, over the phone, by paper, or in person. 

Because it is Safe 

All data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau is confidential and may not be turned over to any other government agency including immigration enforcement or even the President. No Citizenship Question.

Additional questions?  Visit the U.S. Census Bureau website for answers.