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Statement from the Mayor

Post Date:05/31/2020 10:00 PM

Message from Walnut Creek Mayor Loella Haskew on June 1, 2020:

Over the past two months, coping in a world turned upside down by COVID-19, I could not have imagined that our attention could quickly be turned to something that happened nearly 2,000 miles away.  And yet it was.  Less than a week ago, I saw the images out of Minneapolis that are impossible to get out of my head.  His name was George Floyd, and his life mattered.  I was heartbroken.

Tonight, I am heartbroken again.  Thieves and vandals converged into Walnut Creek late today, and damaged dozens of stores and stole untold amounts of merchandise.  They did not come here to protest.  They did not come here to make a statement in the name of George Floyd.  They came here for one purpose only, to steal from stores already economically devastated by the coronavirus outbreak. 

Our City issued an emergency proclamation imposing a curfew, and will continue to have a curfew in effect from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. for as long as necessary.   Those hours of the curfew will change if conditions warrant.  

I pray that our City will return to a more peaceful and safe community.   I am thoroughly grateful for the advance planning, quick response and courage by our Police Department when the vandals chose to attack our community.  What you may have seen on media reports or online looked and was bad; what you didn’t see was how much worse it could have been had our officers not been prepared.

The actions of these thieves and vandals will impact all law-abiding citizens for days to come.  You may see street closures, find businesses that had just re-opened unable to operate, and transit service including BART affected.  We will continue to share information as it becomes available. 

As your Mayor, I ask that you join me in reaffirming the right and value of peaceful, thoughtful, meaningful protest as a way to share our feelings about issues and events.  The framers of our Constitution authorized and encouraged that public discourse occur, and it is our job to honor their wisdom.  I know that you will join me in condemning the cowardly, harmful and illegal acts that disrespect the tragedy of George Floyd’s killing and block what should be the opening of a real and effective dialog to bring about justice and social equality for all.


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