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MCE Renewable Energy

Post Date:01/20/2020 4:17 PM

The City of Walnut Creek has joined California’s renewable energy movement by updating all of our buildings and facilities to MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable electricity service. By using MCE’s Deep Green electricity from California solar and wind, the City is eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions associated with its electricity use. That’s an estimated 900 metric tons of greenhouse gases eliminated annually, which is like taking 193 cars off the road for an entire year.*

Using 100% renewable electricity sets the foundation for achieving much deeper greenhouse gas reductions. With a source of clean energy, we can focus on switching vehicles and appliances from using traditional fossil fuels, such as gasoline and natural gas, to carbon-free electricity powered by solar and wind.

Join us in protecting the environment and addressing climate change by choosing MCE’s Deep Green electricity! Sign up here.

Deep Green is affordable

Deep Green costs just a penny more per kilowatt-hour of electricity you use ($0.01/ kWh). For the average home, Deep Green electricity costs about $4.51 more per month than the basic MCE service. Half of the premium you pay will fund the build-out of local renewable projects, such as MCE’s recently completed SolarOne project in Richmond.

Businesses’ electricity usage varies widely by sector and type, but for the average business, it costs about $12.71 more per month.

For residential and businesses cost comparisons, visit MCE’s website. You can estimate your own annual Deep Green cost by reviewing how many kWh of electricity you used last year on your utility bill. Get help reading your utility bill here.

Walnut Creek residents and businesses can help offset the cost of choosing Deep Green by signing up for an energy or water efficiency program to conserve resources and save money. Find rebates and programs through our Going Green website.

Go Deep Green with Walnut Creek

Join fellow Walnut Creek team members in the 100% renewable movement by signing up for Deep Green! This year, the City of Walnut Creek is setting an example in the community by participating in the Living Lightly Challenge, with a goal of opting up 75 residents to MCE’s Deep Green 100% California renewable energy.

PG&E electricity customers

Residents and businesses who have chosen to receive electricity from PG&E can also choose 100% renewable electricity through PG&E’s Solar Choice program. Learn more here.


Contact MCE with any questions at or (888) 632-3674.

Formed by the public and environmental leaders to build cleaner power and invest in our local economies, MCE is a not-for-profit, public electricity provider. Learn more about MCE here or through the City's webpage about community choice energy programs.

*Statistic from United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

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