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Energy Efficiency Programs

Post Date:10/24/2019 3:56 PM

It’s easy to save money when you save energy! Energy efficiency is a cost-effective way to reduce your electricity and gas usage, which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. There are a number of energy efficiency programs, rebates, and incentives to help you get started. Learn tips for reducing energy using the resources below. Remember to always check for rebates before replacing an appliance or starting a home improvement project.

Homeowner or Renter Programs:

  • Green House Calls: Looking for a way to not only save money but also play a role in reducing climate change? From July 2nd to August 9th, you can schedule a Green House Call appointment at no cost! This service, supported by BayREN, will help you save money, water, and energy. No income qualification required; only available for those living in single-family homes and 2- or 4-plexes. To make an appointment, please visit OR call (510) 665-1501 xt. 300.

  • HomeIntel: Easy, no-cost, customized home energy savings program. People are saving money on their home energy bills by working with a HomeIntel personal energy coach. It’s easy. It’s convenient. It’s no cost. HomeIntel’s Smart Audit identifies sources of wasted energy in your home and your personal energy coach helps you customize a quantified savings plan. You will get monthly updates on energy saved and continued access to your coach to help reduce your bill even further. You save energy and money! This program is funded through PG&E, and all Walnut Creek residents who have lived in their residence for at least one year and do not have solar panels are eligible to apply. Sign up here.

  • BayREN's Home+ program: BayREN Home+ offers cash rebates for your home improvements plus certified contractors and support every step of the way. Our online home energy evaluation is a great place to begin. You’ll learn what changes can help lower your energy bills. Plus, we’ll send you an energy savings kit and put you in touch with a  home energy advisor. Contact an advisor at 866-878-6008 or email us at

Multifamily Programs:

  • PG&E Multifamily Owner Services (PDF Brochure) offers a single point of contact to identify technical assistance, cash incentives, financing, and other resources. A new Energy Savings Assistance: Common Areas program helps multifamily affordable housing residents receive common area and central system improvements at no cost. The new Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing program helps qualifying affordable multifamily residents receive incentives for solar PV installations on their properties.

  • MCE offers programs to help multifamily buildings be more energy efficient, including no-cost energy assessments, technical assistance, low-cost loans, and more. Learn more about program offerings here.

  • The Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancement Program assists in planning energy-saving improvements designed to save 15 percent or more of a building’s energy and water usage and provides $750 per unit in rebates to help pay for the upgrade.

The City of Walnut Creek would like to recognize The Keys for their participation in the Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements (BAMBE) Program! The energy efficiency upgrade project the property completed through the program demonstrates The Keys’ commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The project reduced common area electricity use by more than 50 percent. The City of Walnut Creek works hard to conserve energy, and we appreciate the help from our community members in reaching our Climate Action Plan goals! After receiving the free energy assessment provided though the BAMBE program, The Keys HOA decided on a scope of work that included upgrading all common area lighting, common area appliances, domestic hot water pumps, and other water feature pumps. Property management could select their own contractors and products with this program, and BAMBE representatives worked with the HOA throughout the project to ensure the work was completed within a three-month timeframe. The property received a rebate that covered more than 75 percent of the total project costs. For more information about the BAMBE program, visit


Tips and Resources:

Energy Star is a rating system to indicate how energy-efficient appliances are.

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