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Hydro-Mulching in Lime Ridge Open Space

Post Date:11/07/2018 12:47 PM

Over the winter months you will see the sloped areas of the fire-scorched earth in Central Lime Ridge being covered with a green substance. This is hydro-mulching.

The best practice after a fire is to allow the land to restore itself using the current soil nutrients and seed base present on site. In order to allow that to happen we must keep the soil in place and limit human encroachment into the area as much as possible.

Hydro-mulching is spread in fire areas to help hold the soil in place. The green dye is to help the applicators see where it was spread. There is no seed included in this mixture. It is a slurry made of water, wood fiber mulch and tackifier. The tackifier added to the mixture to help it adhere to the ground and protect the soil from wind and water erosion. The tackifier is made of guar, a natural, organic polysaccharide and contains no additives. Guar is a drought tolerant annual legume that was introduced from India.

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