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Rattlesnake Safety

Post Date:04/05/2018

If you’re hiking in the Walnut Creek Open Space, you should have an appreciation for all wildlife and see the benefits of our diverse populations. But that doesn’t mean that you should take to the trails in the spring as if you had not a care in the world.

Snakes, notably rattlers, are present and they can be dangerous.

So what do we suggest that open space users do to be safe?

  • A general rule is that tee shirt weather is a good temperature for snakes. If you’re comfortable being out and about in a tee shirt, not too cold or too hot,then snakes are comfortable as well. This is only a very general rule and being alert is always the order of the day.
  • For the protection of open space users and the resources, stay on authorized, maintained trails. Don’t walk through high grass.
  • Keep your hands and feet where you can see them at all times. No reaching into crevices or stepping over a log without looking first.
  • Dogs being the curious creatures that they are means that a leash should always be at the ready to help you control your pet in case of emergencies.
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