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More Parking Spaces Downtown

The City is adding 80 new parking spaces in the Broadway Parking Garage (1390 North Broadway) through an attendant assisted parking pilot program. Learn more here. 

Parking Improvements Happening Downtown Parking Garages

 There are two major infrastructure projects occurring in the City’s Parking Garages: 

  1. The Lesher Center Portal will create a walkway from the Lesher Center Parking Garage to the Lesher Center so patrons can travel between the two structures without having to exit on Locust St. Estimated completion date is end of May. 
  2. The Parking Garage Lighting Efficiency Improvement project will replace all existing light fixtures within the City’s three garages with LED fixtures. Once complete, the project will save the City $55,000 per year in energy costs and improve the parking experience for customers by making the garages brighter and safer. 

Here’s what to expect during the projects:

  • The Lesher Center Garage. As the Portal Project progresses, entry from the Locust St. side will be reduced to one lane. Estimated completion date is end of May. 

To sign up for regular updates about these projects, please enter your email above. For, daily updates during the project, call 925-256-3570. 

Email Carla Hansen, Assistant to the City Manager, with questions.



Check out the City's Dynamic Parking Map and learn how we manage parking demand Downtown. 

Parking Options


  • Hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday
  • $2 per hour in Downtown Core area (Civic to Newell)
  • $1 per hour in areas North, South and West of Downtown Core area
  • Two-hour time limits in core;  most meters outside of the core have a 10-hour limit (look for purple parking meter poles)
  • Pay for parking with your phone: download the Park Mobile App (Free for iPhone or Android)


  • Open 24 hours per day 
  • 1st hour FREE
  • Broadway Garage is 50 cents per hour
  • Lesher Center Garage is 50 cents an hour
  • Special event parking fee at Lesher Center is up to $5
  • South Locust Garage (above Tender Greens Restaurant) is $1 per hour
  • Monthly parking passes for City garages is available at
  • Look for free EV charging in all three City garages 

Need to pay a parking citation?

Visit Walnut Creek Police to pay a parking citation.

Where should I park?

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