The Lincoln Avenue Complete Street Project is a conceptual design and outreach effort, aiming to improve safety and usability of the Lincoln Avenue for all roadway users. By providing a well-designed facility between the Iron Horse Trail and Downtown Walnut Creek, Lincoln Avenue aims to become a high-quality connection to the Iron Horse Trail for those who live, work, or visit Downtown.

We want to hear from you! More information about the project is provided below, including the two project alternatives. Please peruse this information, and then take our survey

Cycle Track “Pop Up” Demonstration – May 3rd-June 14th
The City has installed a cycle track along a section of Lincoln Avenue has part of a pilot program.  Cycle tracks are two-way bike facilities that are physically separated from vehicle traffic. The cycle track will run along the curb on the north side of Lincoln Avenue from Broadway to the Iron Horse Trail. The demonstration ends on June 14th. It is meant to be a work-in-progress and a learning tool for City staff as well as users of the street. Your feedback on the project will help inform if the installation will become permanent and shape the design.

Please Respect the Cycle Track!
Cars are prohibited from entering the cycle track or painted buffer zone except to get into driveways at clearly marked locations. Please do not drive along the cycle track or try to park within it.

Try it Out!
Test out the "Pop Up" and let us know what you think about it by sending your feedback to or by taking our survey.

Parking During the “Pop Up”
Installation of the “pop up” demonstration will begin on Monday, April 29th. At this time, parking will be prohibited along the north side of Lincoln Avenue. When the installation is complete (expected May 3rd), parking will be prohibited along the south side of Lincoln Avenue, and parking will be allowed along the north side of Lincoln Avenue but shifted away from the curb to space adjacent to the cycle track. Cars are prohibited from entering the cycle track or painted buffer zone except at designated driveway and street crossings. Additional information on how to park can be found hereParking will be enforced, so please follow and posted signage. If you have any questions about how to park, please contact Smadar Boardman at

The Broadway Parking Garage is located at 1390 N Broadway and is open 24 hours per day. More information about parking downtown is available on the City’s Downtown parking website.


Bike to Work Day Energizer Station
The City of Walnut Creek will be hosting an Energizer Station on May 9th from 7-9 a.m. for Bike To Work Day. The Energizer Station will be located in front of the Walnut Creek Library on Lincoln Avenue. Please stop by for swag and to give us your feedback on the “pop up” while you test out the cycle track!

Bike on Lincoln

The Consultant team was selected in summer 2018, and the Project is anticipated to conclude in late 2019.

Features of the Project include:

  • A robust community engagement process that will help guide the City in determining the vision for Lincoln Avenue;
  • A "pop-up" demonstration of the facility concept design; and
  • A conceptual design for Lincoln Avenue and the Iron Horse trail head.

DRAFT Concept Plan Alternatives
The draft concept plan alternatives are available for download here. A description of the draft alternatives is provided in the March 21, 2019 Transportation Commission staff report


Project Updates
The City conducted Focus Group meetings on Wednesday, October 10th to gain insight on uses of the corridor today by different groups. These initial discussions will be enhanced with the feedback we receive through the Walk ‘n Talk event. Representatives from the following groups attended the Focus Group meetings:

  • Residents who live on and immediately adjacent to Lincoln Avenue
  • Walnut Creek Downtown
  • Walnut Creek Library Foundation
  • East Bay Regional Parks District
  • Bike Walnut Creek
  • Iron Horse Trail advocacy
  • City staff